Here is Why You Should Take Your Cat Backpacking with You

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Guest post: Backpacking your cat on a trip or going hiking with your cat may seem unnecessary or overbearing, after all, we all know cats don’t like going out and they love staying in familiar places. Yes, to some extent, cats love familiar places, but don’t we all? You may however, be positively surprised at how much some cats love exploring and enjoy outdoor activities. To make things easier for you, you shouldn’t have to worry about the weight of your cat, there is a variety of cat hiking backpacks sold in the market these days. You can also bring photo art of your cat to see if you can’t bring your cat.

Cats are amazing pets for a reason, they are homely and loving, so they will be really glad to accompany you on your hiking experience. You may be wondering: “Why exactly should I take my cat backpacking?” 

Here are a few reasons to consider:

1. To keep you company: 

One power driving reason is that cats are ferocious yet loving creatures that mirror the feelings and sometimes attitudes of their owners. As pets, what they do mostly is give you love just like little kids and they tend to be amazing accompaniments on trips! Your cat brings warmth and joy to your life, and will make you feel like the best thing in the world. Everyone wants to feel this way!

2. A form of physical exercise for your pet: 

Being naturally indoor creatures, cats barely step out.  As such, backpacking provides your cat with the opportunity to engage in adequate physical exercise. Once taken outside, you may decide to leash walk your cat, as this is also a form of exercise that can keep your cat healthy. 

Hiking is a really good option as well for sick, disabled, and even overweight cats, as it keeps them active, eases their pain, and helps them lose weight. 

What better way to show your love than help them maintain their weight and health? (winks)

 3. Provide mental stimulation for the cat:

Hiking, for a cat, isn’t just a good source of physical exercise- it is also very mentally rewarding, in terms of providing adequate mental stimulation for your pet. Being stuck at a place or indoors for a while can’t stop us from knowing what is happening outside, experiencing new things, or even just appreciating beauty. 

This can also happen to cats who have been indoors for a while.  Remember that your cat also craves socialization. The opportunity to experience a different environment than your home, get accustomed to new scents, textures, sounds, and lifestyles will ultimately make your cat’s inner life richer.

4. Relieve your cat of boredom: 

While being indoors assures you of the safety of your cat, boredom can set in if that’s all your pet is exposed to. Cats may act out when they aren’t sufficiently stimulated, resulting in behavioral problems down the line. Going on a trip or hiking with your cat has been proven to be a controlled way of helping with the boredom and stress of a cat. It also helps your cat to become much happier – just make sure to get the best cat hiking backpack for such an amazing trip!  

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