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Hotels for Dogs – What To Know

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We all love traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new cultures. And when we have one or more furry friends who are as excited as we are, everything becomes memorable and a true adventure. 

However, no matter how much you would want to have your dog with you everywhere you go, this is not always possible. You might have a last call business trip. Or the hotel where you will be staying is not pet friendly. Or the traveling costs for a specific destination might be too pricey. 

Going out of town without your dog might be scary at the beginning. Who is going to take care of him? Who is going to feed and walk him? For sure, your dog cannot stay alone at home for too long. 

This is why the industry of pet hotels is on the rise. Many people prefer to leave their dog at a dog hotel, in good hands. However, the way your dog reacts to this experience depends on his personality and way of being. 

In some cases, dog hotels are recommended. In other cases, they should be avoided. So, which are the main pros and cons of hotels for dogs? 


  1. Your Dog Will Be Safe 

Dog hotels are usually safe spaces. Dogs cannot escape and if they do not get along with each other, they can easily be separated so that they do not meet. 

Like this, there will not be any fighting between dogs. Safety is the primary care of dog hotel owners, says Judi Brawl, dog owner and contributor to help with dissertation on pet topics. 

  • Your Dog Will Have a Routine 

We all know that some dogs are more anxious than others, and getting used to an unfamiliar setting might take some time. Especially if there are many dogs. Having a well-established routine is important for your dog. 

There will be someone who will take good care of him, get to know him, and earn his trust. A routine is a source of wellbeing for your dog and it will help him get used to the new place. 

  • Your Dog Will Be Regularly Fed and Took Good Care of 

According to a college paper by assignment help, one of the main concerns of pet owners when leaving their dogs to a pet hotel is that the staff will not take good care of him. The thing is, it is easy to experience such a feeling when you see so many dogs, some of which are happy, enthusiastic, and full of energy in one place. 

Others are more fearful and anxious, so they need special care and attention. When leaving your dog to a pet hotel, you might have this feeling that something is not okay. 

But the dog hotel staff is made of people that love animals and understand that they need special care, especially when the environment is new for them. Every dog hotel staff has its own schedule and way of working, but they are all taking good care of your dog. 

They regularly feed the dogs, encourage them to play together, and offer a wide variety of activities: such as pools or dog TVs. 

Even though no one can replace you, the dog hotel staff has experience working with pets and especially dogs. They are great at earning dogs’ trust and approaching them with kindness, understanding, and patience. 

On the other side, just like every other thing, dog hotels have cons too. 


  1. It Might Be Stressful for Your Dog 

No matter how well prepared the staff is or how big the facility is, your dog will probably experience stress. This happens anytime you take him to an unfamiliar environment. The thing that makes the difference is your presence. 

You are the most important human in your dog’s life and leaving him alone with people he doesn’t know and other dogs might be a huge source of stress for him. Especially because you are not there to comfort and encourage him and the staff needs to work on earning his trust. 

This stress might be more intense in the case of anxious dogs, which already suffer a lot when they are separated from their owners. Even the most playful, energetic, and friendly dogs will experience a low amount of stress. In the long run, stress can have negative effects on their health

  • Your Dog Might Get an Illness 

Staying for long periods with many other dogs can make your dog get an illness. This topic is important to consider when looking for dog hotels. They need to have enough space for all the dogs and also offer each dog his own place. 

Kennel cough is the most popular and most common disease your dog can get during his stay at a dog hotel. It is a respiratory disease that is not serious in most cases. Even though it sounds terrible, as your dog is constantly choking on something, most dogs recover without treatment. 

  • It Might Be More Expensive than Pet Sitting 

Dog hotels are usually the last resort of people that do not have any friends or family members that can pet sit their dog. However, in some cases and on shorter lengths of time, pet sitting is more cost-effective than dog hotels. You also avoid the other cons, such as a stressful experience for your dog or the possibility of catching an illness. 

Being in his own place, even though you will not be there for some days, it will be a source of comfort for him. You only need to find a pet sitter.

There are two pet sitting options. One in which the pet sitter only goes to your house to feed your dog, spend some time with him, and walk him. The other one includes all these activities, plus sleeping during the night at your house. You either choose the options when your dog will spend more time alone or the one when he will have company during all your holiday. 


Hotels for dogs are nice, as they offer a nice environment for your dog where he can play with other dogs, swim in the pool, or watch the dog TV. Having a routine is important for his wellbeing as he will get used to this new environment faster. The staff loves animals so they would do anything necessary to create a positive experience for your dog. 

On the other hand, experiencing such an abrupt change of scenery might turn out to be a huge stress for your dog. Especially because you are not there to support and encourage him. He might refuse to eat and there is also the possibility of catching a disease. 

Analyze carefully the situation and your dog’s personality and choose the best option for him. Dog hotels or pet sitters? 

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