House Moves For Pets: 7 Steps To Make House Moving Less Stressful To Pets

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If you’ve just bought a new place for you and your family to stay in, then congratulations! Chances are, this house or apartment or condo will serve as your new home for this chapter in your life, and this is surely going to open a ton of opportunities. You can finally have more peaceful dinners with your family, more fun barbecues and gatherings with relatives and friends, engagements with kind members of the neighborhood, and nice walks in the park with your lovable pet. In the case of the last part, as pet lovers, it’s important for us to ensure our home stays as comfortable and stress-free as possible to help our pets have more enjoyable lives.

Sadly, this isn’t easy to maintain during a move. Remember, your pets seeing your stuff get moved around can cause anxiety, especially more so if they see you have to somehow leave your old home. This can cause stress on your pet and potentially make them uncomfortable or even weak – but does this mean you have to quit on the move? Well, not necessarily. In fact, there’s some ways for you to make your move a much more comfortable experience for your pet if you follow the right steps: 

  • Secure the necessary requirements for both your move and your pet. Before you proceed with the other parts of your move, you need to take care of one important thing first: documentation. If your move requires you to secure or submit certain documents, you should do these first. In terms of the move itself, you might need to hire a moving company NYC, submit documents for your homeownership, and even secure utilities by submitting requirements. Likewise, you may need to get your pet checked to see if they’re in travelling condition, if they need vaccines or medication of any sort, and for general advice to help keep them comfortable during the whole moving process. 
  • Check your pet supplies and inventory. While you’re assessing things you own, it’s important to help ensure you have enough pet supplies to keep your pet comfortable before, during, and after the house move. For instance, do you have a bag dedicated to storing all your pet’s extra clothes, medicine, pet food, and other accessories? Likewise, you should keep a spare bag handy for things they’ll need immediately, such as their favorite toys, their food for the month, and even important medicine. Securing your inventory and acquiring things missing from your list will ensure your pet has all the supplies you need and you can avoid emergencies.
  • Keep your pet’s favorite things with them. Another important way you can help your pet relax and destress during the move is to keep their favorite things near them. These include their favorite blanket or sleeping bed, their favorite treats, their bowls, and even their toys. If you have these near them in the car or in their new spot at home, you can help them associate these objects with safety – which in turn can help them feel more comfortable in your new home.
  • Keep them near you as much as possible. It’s not impossible for pets to think that we might leave them behind whenever we go to a new location, and this can cause unnecessary stress and discomfort on their part. To avoid this, we should keep our pets close with us whenever we go to a new location. Moreover, we can help them feel calmer by sleeping in the same room as them for the first few days after the move. This helps them settle down in the new home much easier. 
  • Try to bring them with you whenever you visit the neighborhood. Another way to help your pets get more acquainted with your new neighborhood is to bring them with you during your travels. If you bring your pets with you whenever you visit the neighborhood for meetings or to submit documents, you can help your pets get more familiar with the upcoming moving day and the fact that they’ll have to consider this place their new home. 
  • Get a dog-sitter to take care of them during the busy parts of the move. Another way you can help your pets be more comfortable during the move is to bring them to a friend or a relative they’re familiar with, especially if you’re nearing the busier parts of the move such as packing or moving day itself. That way, you know your pet is in good hands while at the same time you can focus on things you need to accomplish for the move. Moreover, this gives you time to set up their place in your new home so everything will be ready for them by the time you get back. 
  • Hire professionals to handle the logistics of your move. If you’re having a bit of trouble balancing your schedule and your routine, it may help to actually hire professionals such as long distance moving companies in order to help you facilitate your move. That way, you can rely on the team’s skillset, expertise, and training to handle crucial parts of your move such as packing and unpacking, moving, and even transportation and storage. Moreover, this allows you to have more freedom when it comes to organizing other parts of your move, such as buying new furniture or taking your pet to the vet for necessary check-ups. 

House Moves: Make It Fun For Your Pet!

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that it’s definitely possible to make your move into one of the most enjoyable experiences your pet can have. While it’s true that they need to accompany you with much of the preparation and the travel, being able to see them have fun and enjoy their new environment can make all the preparation worthwhile. 

Remember, while they’re your pets, they’re your babies too – and they need a comfortable and stress-free environment to ensure that they get to move with you properly and safely. Thankfully, the above tips can help you secure the best first steps to ensuring that your move won’t be as burdensome to your pet’s mental and emotional being. 

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