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5 Ways A Dog Makes You Happier

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Dogs are more than just cuddly companions – there are plenty of wonderful reasons why humans and dogs have this unbreakable bond that cannot be beat. We are going focus on a few topics to discover why being a dog owner makes us happier in life. Throughout life, your dog will probably make you laugh, cry and roll your eyes in frustration when they have chewed up your new pair of slippers. But as the common saying goes; a dog truly is a human’s best friend. It’s a fact, they will always pick you up when your down, and they’re always willing to be a furry shoulder to cry on if you need it. If you already have a dog, or you are thinking about becoming a dog owner – keep on reading to find out more about how your beloved dog can make you happier. 

Dogs Make Us Physically Active

Studies show that having a dog helps towards health and fitness and that owners are a lot more likely to stick to their daily fitness routines resulting in better overall health. Jogging, hiking, playing fetch, or even a simple walk around the block are all fantastic activities to do with your dog. Afterall, exercising is always better when you have a tail wagging and your pooch is stood by the door waiting with the lead in their mouth! Benefits of owning a dog is that both of you will become fitter and healthy – together. Your dog will be one of the best motivators for getting up, getting out and living a more active and healthier lifestyle.

Dogs Make Us More Sociable

For lots of people, it is difficult making new social connections. It has been proven that having a dog can help us make friendships, interact with others or simply start a conversation. It doesn’t have to be so daunting meeting new people and putting yourself in what you think could be an uncomfortable situation, it’s like the weather, people love talking about their dogs! It has been proven that on average, you can meet up-to four new people while out on a walk, whether that be dog training classes or walking through the park. 

A Dogs Loyalty & Affection Is Concrete 

No matter the breed, all dogs are naturally loyal and affectionate. Dogs have a pack mentality in which they would develop a very strong bond with other dogs or their own babies. But dogs don’t just develop bonds to other dogs, the natural bond that they develop with their owner is just as strong. Some might argue that they are loving, loyal and affectionate because we shower them with treats, feed them and give them warm and secure shelter. However, we do all of that with other pets like hamsters or goldfish, but they aren’t quite as devoted to us as dogs are. Your dog will always make you feel loved… just like they will feel the love from you. 

Dogs Lower Stress Levels & Improve Your Mood

Cuddling up with your furry best friend after a long, stressful day at work is all the medicine you will need. They will never judge you, but they will almost certainly improve your mood. Dog cuddles truly are the best feeling, and they release all kinds of endorphins that make us happy. Need I say more? For all dog lovers, it’s virtually impossible to stay in a bad mood when you have a pair of loving puppy eyes staring at you, or when their wet nose rubs up against your hand for a head scratch. 

They Never Let Us Feel Lonely

Sadly, about a third of British people consider themselves to be socially isolated and lonely. But can owning a dog cure loneliness? Nobody knows. But what we do know is that having a dog there when you get home, to play with in the garden or sit on your lap on the sofa will significantly help if you are feeling that way. For people in their senior years, one of the most challenging aspects of aging is isolation and little to no social interaction. Having a dog by your side can help you find the motivation you thought you never had to get up and get out. It will also encourage you to interact with others resulting in relieving stress and depression. Often the best medicine is to take a walk in the fresh air, popping to the supermarket or meeting a friend for a coffee – all these things can be done with a dog walking along side you.  

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