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How Do You Keep a Dog House Warm in the Winter?

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Having a dog is like having an extra family member. Nobody wants to keep their family member in the cold outside when it is winter, it’s better to keep them warm. Especially in the freezing cold, it becomes a huge threat to the cute ones. Just like humans, in too low temp, dogs can get hypothermia. What is worse is that if not taken care of the matter, there are chances of even death. If the dog lives outside your house, you need to organize a proper doghouse for it. But just the doghouse is not the best protection against the cold in the winter. There are many necessary steps you should take to help your dog. If you have your dog and want it to be your ESA, you can get an emotional support animal letter.

Keep a Dog House Warm in the Winter

We all love our dogs. Setting up a proper heating option for them can cost a bit or take a little effort. But you are ready for it, aren’t you? Then relax and have a quick look at all the best heating options for a dog house that we sorted out.

Weatherproofing the Dog House

Weatherproofing will work as a defensive shield for your dog. There can be a lot of snow, winds, and simply the cold temp moving and transferring around in the winter. Wrapping the dog house with any weatherproof blanket will keep those stuff away from it. Apparently, you can find these types of synthetic leathery blankets that are easy to set up in the market.

Moving the Dog House

Even though wrapping your dog house will keep the cold temp away while keeping the dog’s body heat inside, you still will need to make sure that the dog is okay and stay with the least amount of cold. That’s why you should move your doghouse to your garage or any place with less wind and snow. But don’t put it on a surface that usually stays cold.

Insulating the Dog House

Now that the outside part of the doghouse is done with, you can concentrate on the interior part of it. To insulate the doghouse, use carpets or foil-faced insulators and hang them on the house’s interior walls. Your dog is most likely to chew down the foil. Because of that, you need to cover it with panels. By the way, make sure that the house space doesn’t become too small for your dog in the process.

Install Heaters

You can find mini heaters like a wall-mounted heater, or a heating pad, on the market. A good heater can provide the dog house with a proper heated environment for the dog. Just like insulating, use cover for the heater as well. You can use a conduit for protection.

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Add a Door

Make sure that the dog house has a door that can be easily opened. You can add a flap of carpet to do the trick.


With that being said, you also have to keep an eye on the dog as it can still get cold from playing outside. For the dog house, make sure that it has enough space for the dog to move around and, at the same time, not too much space for the body heat to go out. Heaters are a good way to keep the dog house safe during winter. But install them correctly. If you want to know more about different types of heaters, check out

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