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How do you transport a dog safely?

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The pets are our family members and become an essential part of our life that brings joy and fun. Unfortunately, without knowing, we sometimes put them in danger while traveling them from one place to another. So, what you actually do to ensure the safety of your pooch while traveling. Don’t forget to travel safely with your dog using an ESA Letter.

Presently, there are lots of options available to keep your dog safe throughout the journey. Moving your four-legged friend is not that much easy as it includes both stress and safety risks. While traveling with them, you must balance out the requirements of your canine companion. No matter if you are moving within the country or across it, make sure that you follow some valuable tips to enjoy the relaxed transport of a dog.

  1. Using crash-tested crates.

The crates are counted to be an ideal option getting sure about the dog’s safety whenever you are taking them for traveling. It is prudent to go for the right size of crate that gives a high level of protection, certified, and crash tested crates. Usually, the crates made of aluminum, plastic with fiberglass are most preferred due to their durable nature and good air circulation. Always look for the one that provides good insulation making the dog comfortable at the time of travel.

Moreover, in the process of making dog transportation even safer, you can also choose crash bags that can be put inside the crate and offer extra protection.

  1. Select the restraint options.

No pet owners want their pets to encounter an accident, especially when they are traveling. In order to protect them, one should go with a restraint option like –

  • Zipline harness.
  • Harness seat belts.
  • Carry boxes having harness attachments.
  • Crates.
  • Back seat barriers.
  • Back seat hammocks.
  • Dog guards.

All the options mentioned above are excellent alternatives when it comes to choosing restraint.

  1. Always turn off the power windows.

Another tip in the list is turning off the power windows as it can be a cause of an unwanted accident. Some of you might think that how it can be harmful. This happens when your pet sticks the head out of the window. It has been stated that there are overexcited dogs jumping outside the moving vehicles. Hence, it is always suggested to keep the windows closed.

  1. Never feed the dog before traveling.

Preparing your dog for transport is highly advisable in terms of traveling and giving food as well. Yes, eating before the start of a long trip can result in an upset tummy. Hence, ensure that you provide the meal at least three hours before you start moving.

  1. Try to have a stress-free journey.

It is not at all obligatory that you can remove your dog’s stress at the time of transportation. What you can do is keep yourself ready for it. In case your dog gets stressed, contact your vet and make a plan likewise. The doctor will prescribe anti-anxiety medicines that help in keeping the god calm and enjoying the trip. You can also inform the driver who is transporting the dog

There are some other alternatives useful for limiting stress.

  • Keep yourself calm as much as possible, even when you are not feeling so. Dogs are habitual to get in tune with the body language of their owners.
  • Take the favorite toy of your dog so as to distract their mind while traveling.

This practice helps you safely transport your pooch from one place to another without getting much stressed.

  1. Take small breaks.

Whenever you are planning to move out to a new location, it is important that you take small breaks so that your dog relieves yourself throughout the journey. Henceforth, it would be best if you took at least a break of 15 to 20 minutes every two to three hours. Remember that your furry friend will always be grateful to you.

  1. The interior of the vehicle should be comfortable.

In the whole thing, don’t forget about the interior of your car. Check the temperature inside the vehicle so that the dog remains comfortable throughout the traveling. Open the window to bring the fresh air in, but also take care that your pet doesn’t jump out of it. Moreover, don’t leave your dog alone in a car.

  1. Bring water

Your dog has to remain hydrated almost all the time; hence you have to give them water even when you are traveling. The experts advise keeping water on hand by storing it in a bottle. Long with this, keep a bowl as well so that your dog doesn’t find it challenging to drink the water.

The key to transporting a dog safely is doing proper planning. Accommodate the needs of your canine friend throughout the trip. Plan to arrange a dog-friendly trip to enjoy a hassle-free move.

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