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How long does it take to train a dog for treasure hunting, and is it profitable for your business?

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Learn how long it takes to train your dog for treasure hunting, get a few simple keywords, and read some examples of how dog training can be profitable for your business. Whether you’re a dog lover or a professional dog trainer, enjoy the learning experience!

Does your new animal best friend need to take expensive dog training classes for you to become an expert in treasure hunting? Unless you are planning on collecting a million dollar worth treasure cove stories, we don’t think so. Some dogs are super smart, and dog training can be relatively quick and so much fun for your fluffy friends too! Begin dog training at the comfort of your home or reach out to professional dog trainers to help you. So what are the best tricks to teach your dog, and could it be profitable for your business at all?

#1 First Define Treasure

For some treasure means a gold nugget buried in the middle of the forest, or a forgotten chest full of diamonds in the middle of nowhere. Some families do start their own business and spend their life treasure hunting. These types of treasure might be hard to find!

Or for some treasure means a piece of important information they are missing to unpuzzle their life struggles. How about truffle hunting? Truffles are extremely hard to find, and if you were ever planning to plant a seed and wait for truffles to grow like apples on trees at the back of your garden, we must disappoint you! Train your dog to find truffles instead! It’s possible! Some people may turn this into a hobby or even a well-paid business! Truffles are in high demand indeed! 

#2 Start Early

We love metaphors, and one of our favorites is; start small to become tall! We believe that early learning leads to better productivity later in life. Do you agree? Indeed, how to train a puppy will differ from training older dogs. The ultimate advice for the beginning is that you will need enough time and patience for your new best friend to strive. Let alone you will need to become a great teacher and introduce a few dog commands first. If you have a new dog, please be considerate and give your new companion a chance to settle in. 

#3 Dog training

For example, police dog training demonstrates how dogs can become valuable members of their crew. They undergo scent training and dog agility training and much more to qualify as police officers. Police dogs usually search drugs, missing people, and some of them could be bombs or gun sniffers too. In general, the length of dog training varies from dog to dog. Usually, young dogs can learn pretty quickly and especially if all members of the family get engaged. With an excellent rewarding program such as providing tasty treats, you may achieve surprising results in a relatively short time. The more fun your dog can have, and the more rewards they can receive, the higher the chances that they perform better at the tricks. Please be patient with your dog and only move in a peace they can handle. Remember that the time you dedicate to the training plays a crucial role in the learning process. Although the length of the dog training depends on each individual, yet again the keywords for you to follow for your fluffy friend to perform well are practice, practice, and practice. 

dog agility training

#4 How is dog treasure hunting profitable to your business?

If you are a professional dog trainer, think of private Relationship Investigators and how they could be pleased with scent trained dogs. Imagine these four-legged furry investigators, with their sensitive noses solving cases at a killer speed. Many unhealthy relationships could come to an end, and people would not need to live in illusions and waste their time with people who don’t deserve their love. Let alone the Relationship Investigators could maximize their profit by undertaking more projects too, what do you think? How about those truffle hunters? They are desperate to train their dogs too! These are only two examples for your professional dog training business, and we believe there is yet so much potential to discover in your niche!

#5 Conclusion

To all dog lovers planning to train their four-legged friends to start truffle hunting, or to all professional dog trainers undertaking new qualifications to expand their expertise, we wish you the best of luck and very much enjoyable experience. Remember to be patient, practice in shorter sessions, and move in peace your dogs can handle. Some dogs are remarkably intelligent but don’t overlook the fact that not every single dog may be a learning type. However, treat every single one with respect. Good luck with treasure hunting!

How are you getting on with dog training? Please share your experience in the comments below! 

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