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How Pets Can Save Marriages

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Marriage is a complex process where partners experience not only positive but also negative emotions. But animals can give pleasant feelings, relieve stress, and make the marriage happier. Remember if you have a pet, you can get an ESA letter from us.

How Pets Can Make Your Marriage Better

Finding a true soulmate can be very difficult. But you must understand that even then your partner will not be perfect. Marriage is a complex process of the clash of two characters. Each partner must understand this and make concessions. But sometimes the confrontation goes too far and quarrels begin. Psychologists argue that the cause of conflict is a conflict of interest and personal dissatisfaction with the situation.

These can be various variations. For example, your day at work was very difficult or you had a bad conversation with friends. At home, you are already in a state of stress – one small spark can ignite a fire of a quarrel with a partner. Also, dissatisfaction with the situation is typical for couples who live 20 years or more together. The passion and fire of the relationship have already left, the children have left for their home, etc. There is a feeling of emptiness and loneliness, and the partner often cannot save this situation.

In this case, psychologists recommend a pet or pet treatment. Scientists believe that communicating with animals – dogs, cats, horses, and other pets – reduces anxiety, strengthens the nervous system, and boosts immunity. “Animals are open-minded to humans,” says Dr. Henry Feldman, a hospital medicine officer at Harvard Medical School. “They just love, help us love in return, and feel more confident.”

What is Pet-Therapy

Pet-therapy – the participation of pets in the treatment and prevention of various diseases, from cardiovascular diseases to mental disorders. An analysis of fifty studies on pet-therapy confirmed the positive emotional effects of animals on patients with autism, emotional disturbances, post-traumatic syndrome (PTSD), schizophrenia, depression, and addiction. Besides, pet-therapy allows you to relieve stress, get positive emotions, improve mood, and save relationships in marriage.

“Pet Psychologists” are called “animals for emotional support.” They differ from assistants, for example, guide dogs, in that they almost do not need special training – a rather friendly attitude to the person and an emotional connection between the pet and the owner. Therefore, it is not necessary to buy a special animal – you can choose the one you like at the shelter. The restrictions for pet-therapy are minimal: allergy to animals or fear of them.

Proponents of pet-therapy believe that animals help stabilize emotions, become more relaxed and calm, develop confidence in others and self-confidence, improve communication skills, self-regulation, and socialization. Besides, pets relieve loneliness, reduce irritability and anger, reduce PTSD symptoms, help to overcome insomnia, and increase the level of joy hormones – oxytocin and endorphins. There are a large number of animals that will help make your mood, relationships, and marriage better.


Of course, the most popular therapists and companions among pets are dogs. They help to cope with depression, quickly calm down in a stressful situation, and feel protected. It is easier for dog breeders to meet new people on walks and make friends – communication and friendship, according to scientists, make us happier. Besides, walking with a dog is a good way to breathe fresh air, get a little cardio load, and recharge with positive emotions.

Spouses, in the house of which the dog is located, communicate more often, and carry out household chores together. The dog also helps to cope with stress after a hard-working day, nourishing you with positive and warm emotions. In theory, a dog of any breed and size that is friendly to people and knows basic commands can provide emotional support. But still, there are better breeds for home and apartment.

If you want a “child” full of energy and friendliness, then the Labrador will be a great choice. He is non-aggressive and has excellent contact with children. Order, discipline, and convenience are German shepherds. A very smart dog that understands a huge number of commands and knows how to be calm. If you do not have the opportunity to walk a dog every day, it is better to take a decorative breed that feels comfortable in the house. This is Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Terrier, etc.


Beautiful and majestic animals that do not belong to the category of “home pets”. But horses are still very popular with couples who have encountered problems. Surprisingly, Horses are almost inferior to dogs in popularity as therapists and in some cases are superior to other animals. Psychotherapy with their participation is used to treat addictions, as well as help adults and children with mental disorders.

Interestingly, riding is an optional part of therapy. To improve their well-being, people can look after horses. Communication with animals, their ability to recognize and imitate human emotions helps to cope with emotional disorders and learn to trust.

For couples, this is a great pastime, helping to get positive emotions and recharge with calm. Do not forget that horseback riding is a great way to keep your body in good shape and be physically active. The disadvantage is that horses are not pets. They live on farms that can be hundreds of kilometers from your home. But we recommend that you set aside one weekend in a few months to get to know more about these beautiful animals that can make your marriage better.


Cats are thought to be less capable of emotional support than dogs and horses. However, experts are sure that this is not so. There is a practice of getting cats in nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and opening a cafe with cats. These animals have a calming effect on the psyche of people, help to forget about troubles and normalize sleep, because their presence creates a feeling of security, and cat purrs relaxes and lulls. Studies show that stroking a cat causes the production of the hormone of joy – oxytocin. Pets are responsive, kind, and sensitive to those who pay attention to them.

If we are talking about marriage and long-term relationships, then the presence of a charming and graceful cat in the house will create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. These gentle animals help relieve stress and are great for people who do not want to receive additional responsibilities. Unlike dogs, cats do not require so much attention. They feel great in the apartment and do not require walks.

Besides, many breeds differ in both appearance and character. If you want a friendly cat, look at a Bengal or Maine Coon. British, Persian breeds will bring beauty to the house, and Bobtail and Munchkin have recently become popular. There are even sphinxes – bald, but gentle cats that are perfect for couples where partners are allergic to hair.


Sometimes a small, quiet, and calm animal is needed for therapy. In this case, experts recommend choosing a rabbit. These animals are easy to care for, they are suitable for those who, for whatever reason, cannot get a dog or cat at home. Stroking rabbits helps develop and maintain fine motor skills. Moreover, they eat very cute food – on various YouTube channels, there is even a video where eared animals eat carrots, broccoli, and other vegetables. These pacifying sounds can reduce stress and get rid of nervous tension, thereby reducing stress in the family.

Cute rabbits will also help couples – their tenderness will help to remember the importance of love for each other. Besides, due to the joint care of a furry friend, common interests and an occasion for spending time together will appear. It should be said that there are special breeds of decorative rabbits that have a unique color and small size, which allows them to be kept in the apartment without any problems. But the main condition is that the animal must be socialized and enjoy being stroked.


At first glance, reptiles are not associated with animals that help solve emotional problems. However, an experiment conducted in London showed that caring for such a pet distracts a person from difficulties and unpleasant experiences. This is because reptile care requires increased attention and concentration. Besides, an unusual pet often increases self-esteem – the owner has the confidence that if he is capable of complex care for a pet, he can succeed in any chosen field.

A similar principle works in family relationships. Partners focus on caring for their pets, feed them, take care of their comfort. This is a good way to learn more about teamwork and shared responsibilities. Of course, the decision to start a reptile must be balanced and thought out. Today there are a large number of opportunities to acquire not only a snake but also a more exotic reptile – a monitor lizard, a lizard, or a reed switch. Contemplation and joint control of these pets will make you closer. But we remind you that you should not have a rabbit and a boa constrictor in one house – this can end with a lunch for the snake.


It is, first of all, about parrots – a high level of empathy and the ability to speak make them wonderful companions. Specialists offer to train parrots in certain words and phrases that help in the study of psychological difficulties. Parrots can help victims of violence and are better than other pets for treating PTSD. In the United States, the Parrots For Patriots Center has been set up to help war veterans in Iraq, where every soldier who needs support can choose a bird and take care of it.

But if we are talking about family relationships, then the birds help to turn a boring and dull house into a pleasant place. Have you noticed that many relaxing audio recordings contain birds singing? Now in your house, there may be a canary, a parrot, or another winged and melodic friend. Of course, this will not make your home or apartment a dream from Disney cartoons, but it will help to create a good atmosphere. Besides, birds do not require particularly close attention and a lot of time. So you can concentrate on improving family relationships and enjoying a partner.


This is truly an exotic option because cows are those animals that care about your “stomach”, and not relationships or psychological state. But recently in Europe and the USA, a new direction has appeared – coq cuddling therapy. This therapy became famous thanks to Susanna Wullers. A year ago, Susanna and her husband, farmers from upstate New York, offered everyone a “cow hug” session. Spouses try to spend no more than one or two sessions a day, so as not to tire the animals. The benefit of such hugs is that the heart rate of cows is slower than in humans. Hugging the cow, people get the effect of relaxation and peace, similar to that which yoga or meditation gives.

If your marriage is having problems, then you can try this therapy. This approach helps calm the nerves. And do not forget that you will go with a partner to nature, spend time together, and experience positive emotions. This process will leave a pleasant background for improving relations. After returning home, you will experience a spiritual upsurge, and abandon quarrels or scandals. This is a really good and non-standard option, having an excellent positive effect.


This is the easiest and most effortless way to improve your home environment. Because a beautiful aquarium with bright fish is not only a high-quality interior of your apartment. Scientists have proven that observing fish helps calm the nerves and helps relieve stress. In such an environment, partners will quarrel less and feel more comfortable.

So the fish also contribute to improving the atmosphere in the family and achieving personal comfort. Of course, these animals cannot be hugged and stroked, but even watching him will give you and your partner positive emotions.


We have already told you how different animals can affect your mood, health, and relationships with your partner. You must consider this factor and decide together which option is best for you. The main thing is to discuss this with your partner, take into account his desires and characteristics (he may have an allergy).

It is also worth remembering that animals will make your relationship brighter and more enjoyable, but they will not be able to solve all problems. If you have a serious disagreement, we recommend contacting a family psychologist. However, the decision to have a pet is a winning step for your relationship and a great way to make family life more harmonious.

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