How pets help you cope with stress

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To worry less, psychotherapists recommend focusing on the events of the “here and now” and use all distracting practices – both physical and psychological. And if you have pets to keep you company during self-isolation, it’s much easier to do so.

Pet stroking is good for the psyche and more

Stroking a cat, such as a cat in our top ten list, is not only pleasant for the cat but also good for the health of its owner. Back in 2008, researchers from the University of Minnesota proved that petting a cat lowers blood pressure in humans.

The sound of purring, which cats almost always make when stroking them, also has a therapeutic effect: it has a physically positive effect on the body, calms the nervous system, and provides positive emotions.

It has been proven that the frequencies of a cat’s purr (20-100 Hz) coincide with those used in physiotherapy for functional and tissue recovery.

Thus, a natural self-help mechanism is available to almost all cat owners – a few strokes of your pet a day is enough to get healthy at home. Of course, everything has to be by consent of both parties – so interact with your pet as often as it will allow.

A reasonable question is: Is stroking dogs healthy? 

The answer is yes.

Dogs are social animals, and they’re always happy to interact with people they know: their genuine and sincere emotions will carry over to you through tactile contact.

Remember that the stroking itself, as well as any rhythmic movements, distracts, calms relieves acute anxiety. So do not spare them for your pets.

Pets help to adapt to the remote work

While typing this text, the cat twice walked across the keyboard. The first time he turned on-air mode on the laptop, the second time he wrote an untranslatable combination of letters next to the word “dog. And then he started catching “mouse. Tired, he lay down next to it, blocking a part of the monitor with his paw.

Sometimes you have to eliminate the consequences of the introduction of a pet in the work process and almost always – protect equipment or work items from him. But it is impossible to remain indifferent to new “colleagues”!

The opportunity to pet a cat or dog in the middle of the workday is priceless.

Lying with the animal is no less useful

No one can be good all the time – it’s okay. Full rest and gradual adaptation to new circumstances are just as important as wholesome activities and endless self-improvement. If you’re not yet ready to learn new languages or set sports records, and you just want to lie down with TV shows and books – your dog or cat will be glad to keep you company: lie with them, lie as they are, lie better than they are! Although the latter is hardly possible!

Pets stimulate creativity.

Starting a blog for your cat or dog, creating a meme with their image, or organizing a flash mob – any creative work in the context of animals a priori evokes positive emotions and finds an appreciative audience, even among a small circle of friends and family. And your idea can be monetized in the future.

And videos of them relieve stress

The positive impact on stress levels from watching pet videos has been scientifically proven by Indiana University Media School assistant professor Jessica Gall Myrick.

She interviewed about 7,000 people and found that pausing to watch cat videos at work or at home provided a boost of energy and positivity while reducing stress and anxiety. So even if you don’t currently have pets of your own, animals can help you combat stress, as is now customary, remotely.

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