How Pets Helps to Boost Your Productivity and Reduce Stress in Home Office

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In modern conditions, people spend most of their time at home, they work or study at home offices which increase the level of stress of modern people. Students and employees report that the number of responsibilities they have increased, which is upsetting the balance between work and personal life. 

With the right home office organization, it is easier to increase your productivity. It may sound surprising, but one of the great advantages (and not at all disadvantages) of the home office is having a pet at home, which reduces stress levels.

The benefits of having a pet have long been proven by scientists. Pets help to cope with depression and stress for the elderly, students, and even patients with serious pathologies. Pet therapy studies show and confirm the positive emotional impact of animals on people with mental disorders and depression. 

Dog owners recover faster from heart attacks. Some people have experienced increased production of endorphins and release of dopamine, just five minutes after contact with the animal. Simply observing the aquarium for 30 minutes will significantly reduce pressure. It can be more powerful than meditation techniques.

It is not the first year when companies have allowed bringing pets to the workplaces, developing a pet-friendly office culture. It has a positive effect on both the emotional state of a person and his productivity.

Stress is one of the main problems of modern people. In conditions of self-isolation can be observed an increase in feelings of loneliness and apathy that have serious mental health consequences. This will have to be fought after the end of the pandemic. People become more vulnerable, the immune system is weakened, and this increases the risk of disease. 

Communicating with pets can help reduce stress. That’s a well-known fact that animals are good for mental health. Pets improve a person’s self-esteem, help him feel not alone. Also, they are a source of joy and give such a mood to everyone around. Pet the cat and smile – because it triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, which reduces stress and heart rate.

Thoughts of animals are good for people too. True, to feel at ease, you need to find an animal that suits you in character and habits. Walking with dogs will increase your muscle tone, and cats in the house will create harmony.

So, how do pets help to cope with depression and stress? 

1. They make you observe the daily routine

The dog helps to regulate the routine and get up in the morning for a walk and end the day with a walk. A walk in the fresh air helps to calm down and relax. Also, by the beginning of work or study, you will already be on the street and will feel more cheerful. In a remote environment, your pet can help you to improve relationships with colleagues or simply cheer them up by participating in a Zoom conference.

In the conditions of remote work, the balance between work and personal affairs is disturbed. You are constantly in front of your laptop and cannot effectively allocate time and effort. Many people suggest imitating the atmosphere of an ordinary office, determine the exact workspace, time, take a break for lunch, walk, organize access to the usual office systems and technologies, especially since this can be done in just one day. A pet will also allow you to partially restore this balance. Determine what hours you will walk with him or just play with him.

Pets live according to their schedule, in which the accents of life activity correspond to the daily cycle. That is, a dog or cat will wake you up early and require a walk or morning feed. And this will be enough reason for you not to lie in bed until noon.

2. Helps you to restore energy, reduce stress level and become more productive

According to essay writing service, employees noticed that pets help them to cope up with stress during the workday. Also, pets remind them to take the necessary breaks. Animals reduce stress and increase productivity mainly after interacting with you when they come to your workplace, it is a good reminder that you need a break.

3. Pets makes you increase your physical activity

Morning walks with the dog help strengthen the immune system, are good for the heart, and also help to lose weight. If you feel that you are slightly apathetic and inactive, the dog will teach you to be more cheerful, open, and determined.

There are special yoga practices that you can do with your pet. It is a physical activity that stimulates the mind and also allows the animal to release energy. The extra activity helps keep you from gaining weight. Thus, the 20 million owners who walk their dogs five times a week have lower obesity rates. The American Heart Association notes that 54% more dog owners exercise two and a half hours a day – this is the time recommended by doctors to maintain mental health, including.

No less effective cure for the blues is communication with cats. Have you noticed that the Internet is full of videos with funny shots of cat antics? These animals are extremely curious, and having a kitten, you will have an endless source of funny cases and situations in your home. Besides, cats are treated for unnecessary anxiety and excessive fatigue by the warmth of their body and the characteristic “rumbling”.

But not only dogs and cats are “home psychotherapists”. Other pets can also cope with stress and depression: aquarium fish, birds, rabbits, hamsters, and even insects. Recently, so-called “ant farms” have appeared in pet stores. Watching small hard working insects is extremely interesting. People have a lot to learn from the ants, who work day and night tirelessly with their paws. And, perhaps, soon there will be ant therapy, thanks to which a person will be able to overcome psychological barriers, develop willpower and learn to achieve their goals. 

There are so many ways to reduce stress, but having a pet and spending time with it is one of the best.

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