How to Bond With Your Emotional Support Dog

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For many, dogs can be a person’s best friend. They may not be able to talk to us like humans do, but they still have their own way of communicating with us and telling us how they feel. For emotional support pets, training is necessary. There are moments when they need to be proactive in detecting our emotions so they can give us the support we need at the right moment. This is where your bond with your emotional support animal comes in. Remember, the stronger the bond that you have, the better it is for both of you, but, how do we effectively bond with our dogs? Here are a few ways we can show them that we appreciate their support during times when we need it the most:

Explore Tactile Communication

If there is one thing you should know about emotional support pets is that they love receiving tummy rubs and back scratches. Whenever possible, make sure that you share a tactile touch. Stroking them regularly will not only make them feel loved, but it will also help you reduce any feeling of stress and anxiety, helping you feel calmer and happier. 

Give Daily Essentials

Of course, you also have to be aware of the daily dog essentials your pet needs so they will feel loved and appreciated. When you take care of your pet and keep them healthy, they will return the favour and give you the best possible care they can provide. 

Do a Movie Night

Your dog may not really care what’s on the TV, but what’s important is that they’ve got you all to themselves while snuggled together. Of course, they’ll appreciate it if you give them their share of popcorn as you watch whatever is on the screen. 

Talk to Your Dog

If there is anything you need to say but you don’t have anyone to talk to, talk to your dog. They may not fully understand what you are saying, but they will try to pick up cues from your tone and emotion in your voice. They may even gauge your emotional state when they look at your facial expressions. If you’ve got anything that you need to let out, your dog will be there to listen to you. Consider it like journaling and sending out your thoughts to the world. It would be a good way to release all the tension that you feel. 

Do Communal Eating

Another tactic to try is to eat with your dog. Depending on your dog breed, you can share some human food with them and eat together. This practice sends a signal that you are partners and will see you as someone they can trust, ultimately increasing the bond that you share together. 

Play Games Together

Whenever possible, try to engage your dog in an organized game. Make sure that both of you understand the dynamics of the game so you are on the same page about what’s happening, increasing your mutual understanding and cooperation. 

Go On a Vacation Together

Exploring other places together is perhaps one of the ultimate bonding experiences that you can share with your pet. You can go on a road trip, go camping, or even hop on an airplane to see the world. 

Your emotional support pet is not just there to calm you when you feel anxious, so consider them your partner, and you’ll surely gain the benefits. 

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