How to Care for a Special Needs Cat

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Cats with special needs generally become incredible companions. Some of these cats are born with a few disabilities and a few others are involved in accidents or they can also develop problems as they grow up. Having any cat with or without special needs is an amazing feeling but it can also be a great challenge. Taking care of a special needs cat can be challenging as you have to mold your schedule according to their needs and requirements. Here is a complete guide on how to adopt and take care of special needs cats.

Some Common Special Needs in Cats

Cats with special needs are delicate and require more care than other cats. This added care is generally specific depending on the special need. Not only extra care but a lot of extra work is also required for these special cats. Common special needs in cats generally include these:

  • Different degrees of blindness.
  • Deafness
  • Neurological disorders 
  • Paralysis or loss of limbs 
  • Chronic diseases
  • Behavioral problems
  • Defects from birth 
  • Digestive disorders 

It is important to understand that any cat that lives comparatively well into its later years generally develops a condition that will be classified as a cat with special needs.

Points to Consider Before Adopting a Special Needs Cat 

It is never easy to take care of a special needs cat. There can be huge difficulties and great challenges. For Example, deaf or blind cats usually require owners who will be able to learn a few specific types of training methods for their cats. It is a great deal to adopt a special needs cat, so make sure to consider these points before deciding.

  • Get advice: If you want to adopt a cat with special needs you need to know that you are not alone. You can always go and take help and advice from veterinarians, behaviorists, and trainers if you have any second thoughts about the adoption. They can be your best guides and resources and will help you to decide whether a cat with special needs will be a good fit for your house or not.
  • Research on specific issues: As a new owner, and buddy to your cat with special needs, you need to have a lot of information about the special needs of your new cat. It is crucial to understand the special need of your cat and give an adequate amount of care and love that is required for them.

For example, blind kitties need to be trained where to find their food and water. You should never move these resources once your cat is used to them where they are. If you have a busy schedule, consider getting an automatic feeder that will help you and your cat develop a routine.

  • Examine your Expenses: A cat is never inexpensive especially the one with special needs. Some special needs cats do require a lot more financial resources than any other cat. It is important to think about all these aspects before you adopt such a cat. If not then the cat may have to suffer later on. It is also important to have pet health insurance which can help in future financial problems and hurdles.
  • Consider the hard work: It is not easy to pet a special needs cat. A lot more care is required and a lot more time. Some problems can be very difficult to handle and time-consuming. So if you are into a job that leaves you no time for yourself you need to think twice before you adopt a special needs cat. Even things like drinking from a water bowl can be a hard task at first, but with diligence and correct training – every special needs cat can live a normal life.
  • Be honest with yourself: We all understand that this is a huge decision. Make sure to take this approach without an open mind and with courage. Be honest with yourself before making any decision. A special needs cat is difficult to manage and is a great big responsibility. So consider each possibility before you finally make a decision.

To Care for Special Needs Cat

 It is important to understand that a cat with special needs is not unhealthy or impeded to live in a condition of suffering. These are just assumptions made by people. With the correct environment, attention, and love, every special needs cat can completely thrive. It is a great deal to invest in a not too perfect cat, but the feeling is immense. Here are a few tips to care for your special needs cat. 

  • Create a Routine: Maintaining a time and routine for a special needs cat will help them understand better about what they are going to be doing next. With a routine, it will become very easy for a cat to understand its surroundings especially if it is a deaf or blind cat.
  • Consult a Specialist: A specialist can help you understand better the particular special need of your cat. The specialist can also suggest changes in the routine, food habits and can help in a proper training program for your cat. A specialist can also make you aware of the upcoming challenges you may have to face. 
  • Keep them Indoors: It is advisable to keep a special needs cat indoor. This is because other cats or dogs may not appreciate them and can also unnecessarily attack them for no reason. This can make them scared and uneasy. So it is always better to keep them indoors. 
  • Get a Proper Gear: If your special needs cat has leg paralysis or has met with an accident and lost a hand then it is very important to get them the right gear. These gears will help them move around freely and help them get a normal living.
  • Spend time with them: It is crucial to spend time with them and make them feel loved. Take care of them and try to always keep them around you. This will give them a feeling of love and will help them cope up faster.

When you decide to adopt a cat with special needs or any physical limitation or any other medical issue, you must understand that you are then going to be a part of that cat throughout your life. Not only that but you are also going to help the little cat live a complete life. Adopting a special needs cat is a huge thing and a unique experience. The love you will be getting back from the emotional support cat will end up surprising you and you will see how much they love you back.

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