How to Clean Dog Ears

The Proper Way to Clean Dog Ears

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When you want your dogs to be fit and fine, it will require a lot of effort from both sides. You have to read, research, and react according to your dog’s needs. On the other hand, your dog has to obey your orders. While talking about health, it’s not limited to food and exercise. Many health problems can be caused by hygiene or grooming issues. Among all, dog ears are the most sensitive organ that often catches ear infections. So, it is essential to keep them clean throughout the year.

If you take your dog to the professional groomers after certain intervals, there are fewer chances to have uncleaned ears. However, it’s ideal for keeping an eye from time to time to avoid wax or oil build-ups inside the ears. Irregular cleaning increases the risk of hearing damage. So, it must not be taken for granted. If you are unable to take your dog to visit a groomer, then also you can clean his ears at home. The best part is, it’s not difficult at all and also inexpensive.


Things You Will Need


It would be best if you met the veterinarian first before purchasing any ear cleanser. Your pooch’s ears are very sensitive, and it is preferable not to use random products. Generally, the ear solution must not contain alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. It’s because these substances may cause irritation and increase the chances of ear itchiness.


It’s okay if you use cotton balls or cotton pads to clean your dog’s ears. Some dog owners also use a cotton swab, but I personally don’t recommend it being a dog expert. It can be used to clean the outer side of your dog’s ears, but it is very risky to clean the ear canal. Sometimes, it may cause permanent damage, and the dog becomes deaf.


Having tweezers depends on you. It’s completely optional. If your dog has a lot of fur/hair in his ears, then it’s good to have tweezers. It can pluck out small objects from the hair and clean up the ears.

Microfibre Towel:

A fresh, clean towel is preferable to contain the messes. It also soothes the ears when needed. If your dog is more likely to shake his head during the cleaning process or something gets in his ears, then a microfibre towel can help you to calm his ears temporarily. 

Favorite Treats:

Of course! How can we forget treats while cleaning the ears? You have to reward your already irritated pooch whenever he lets you do whatever you want to do to his ears. Treats will motivate him to stay calm and sit in one place. You will also need his favorite treats once the whole process is finished.

How to Clean Dog Ears?


Step 1: Inspection

No matter how much you crave to clean your dog’s ears, you have to spare a few moments to inspect your dog’s ears. Try to calm your dog if he is annoyed and see inside his ears. If they are more reddish, then they usually are, if they smell terrible, or if they are inflamed, don’t go further and talk to your vet first. Your dog may have ear mites that must be cured as soon as possible. If your dog is calm and experiencing only itchiness, then you can go further as it just requires some regular cleaning.

Step 2: Use of Ear Cleanser

If your dog has a lot of hair inside the ear, it is necessary to clear the ear using tweezers. It will make the cleaning process easier, and you can get a clear view. Once it’s done, open the bottle and read the directions on the ear cleanser. Make sure that you have gathered everything you will need during the ear cleaning process. 

Step 3: Show the Solution to Your Pooch

Once you have fully understood the directions stated on the bottle of ear cleanser, call your pup and allow him to inspect the solution. Let him see, observe, and smell the product. Then, reward him for keeping him calm and motivated. This step is essential to make him feel comfortable about the product. He will then allow you to go ahead without causing any disturbance.

Step 4: Pour the Ear Cleanser

Most probably, your dog’s ears will erect automatically. If not, then hold the ear flap upright and pour the ear cleaner into the canal. Be gentle and careful during the whole process. Once you are done with the filling, massage the base of the ear with your fingertips. Try to keep the ear flaps away and keep going for about half a minute.

Step 5: Release the Ears

After 30 seconds or so, loosen your grip from your dog’s ears and allow him to shake his head if he wants. At this time, you can hold the microfibre towel near to the dog’s ears to prevent the cleanser from flying everywhere and create a dirty mess. You can also wipe out the extra solution using high-quality paper napkins.

Step 6: Use of Cotton Balls/Pads

Wrap a cotton ball or pad around your index finger and clean the visible part of your dog’s outer ear and even some part of the canal. As I have mentioned earlier, cotton swabs can be used, but keep it as a last option. Also, please don’t use it to clean the area of the dog’s canal. 

Step 7: Reward Your Canine or Repeat The Process

If you think that everything went well, and you need some time to observe the changes before repeating the process, then reward your pooch. Appreciate him, pamper him, and tell him, ‘well done!’ If you are not satisfied with the outcomes, then repeat the process one more time. Here, keep one thing in mind is that cleaning ears too often can cause excessive irritation in some cases.

How easy the ear-cleaning process is! You just have to know what a healthy, clean ear looks and smells like, and it will become easier to make a decision. 

The Bottom Lines

You can keep your dog’s ears healthy for a longer period by checking your dog’s ears after each bathing session. Also, never take a chance when you observe access readiness or bleeding. Contact your vet as soon as possible and do accordingly. If you have a dog who has short ears and lesser hair, then you should clean them only when they look dirty. Dogs with floppy ears and a lot of hair need regular checkups and home inspections/cleaning at least twice a month. I hope this article has helped you the way you have desired. 🙂 Lots of love to you and your furry friend.


  1. Taking care of pets, just like our children, is essential. To understand their emotions is crucial, especially at times of pain. The tips listed above for cleaning dog ears are constructive. Thank you!

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