Tips for Cleaning your House Efficiently

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If you want to give that home a makeover, but you are still a little lost, click on the right article! Whether for those who want to give a new look to home environments, for those who want to make changes with minimal impact on the environment or who want a total renovation, we have separated some easy and certain tips that will help you in any of these objectives. Do you need to clean the house and have little time? Find out some tips to optimize the duration of your home cleaning!

Start with the dirtiest areas

A valuable piece of advice, when it comes to home cleaning, is to start with the dirtiest corners. To get rid of that heavier dirt, it is important to sweep (or vacuum) the surface of the floor, only then to pass the most careful part – mopping the floor. In the bathroom, start by cleaning the pot with bleach and let it dry.

In the meantime, you can also spray bleach in the bathtub or shower box. Give it a break, clean the sink and tap and then re-sanitize the toilet on the outside. Wash the shower and the shower floor. 

Start with the stove and counters inside the kitchen.

Leave the dust outside

There is no point in cleaning if there is no maintenance of this home cleaning. To prevent dust, sand, bacteria, and chemicals from passing through the entrance door, leave your shoes outside. Also, don’t forget to clean your pet’s paws! He may not like the idea, but it will help you make your home cleaner.

Another important tip, in this sense, is to wash your hands every time you get home. Thus, it is easier to keep germs away.

Get organized

To avoid further stress, also try to get rid of unnecessary mail. Unsubscribe from unwanted mail (you can do so on the Eco-Cycle website ) and place a recycling basket at your entrance. It is a way to intercept and better target the others.

If you are looking for something beyond the traditional seasonal cleaning, check out the tips for changing some items in your home – all of them sustainable!

Sustainable wood is legal wood

When buying new furniture, shelves, fittings or floors, look for the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) seal. It ensures that the material comes from environmentally sound and responsible forest management. 

For the more vanguardists, another idea is to consider the purchase of recovered wood. In addition to being stronger, more stable and resistant to termites, it brings greater style to the environment.

Choose zero-VOC ink

If you are looking for paints, go for those that do not have volatile organic components. Check that both the base and the dye meet this standard.

Look for “Energy Star” appliances

Refrigerators with this seal use at least 15% less energy than the rest and 40% less than conventional 2001 models produced in the United States.

The initiative was established in the name of reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, caused by the inefficiency of energy use.

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