How to Create the Perfect Sunroom for You and Your Pet

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Who doesn’t love basking in the sun with their furry friend by their side and enjoying the many benefits of natural light? It is proven that animals and humans both attain positive effects from sunlight like vitamin D, energy, and more. 

So why not create the perfect sunroom for you and your pet to soak up some rays? With a few helpful sunroom ideas, you can turn this area of your home into a space where you and your companion can relax and enjoy the sun. 

Furniture placement

With extensive research on the value of sunlight for pets and humans, you will want to accentuate the sunniest areas of your sunroom by strategically placing the furniture where you feel most comfortable. What time of the day do sun rays cast on a certain corner of your sunroom? Will you and your pet feel most comfortable in a partially shaded area of the sunroom? Asking yourself these questions will help you decorate and place furniture where they fit best.

Designate a pet-friendly area

If you plan on hosting guests in your sunroom, besides your pets, you may want to consider adding a designated area for your pet. Due to pet allergies, guest comfort, and possible pet accidents if you know what I mean, having an area for your pet to spend time will be functional. You could add all of your pet’s favorite toys, a comfortable bed, and treats. A designated water bowl area will limit spills and will keep your pet hydrated in sunny hours of the day. Before you know it, the temperature and sunniness of your room will make you feel like you are hopping on the next plane to a tropical resort, traveling with your pet, and starting a vacation.

Keep your sunroom clean and organized

Be aware of the surrounding environment when you and your pet are spending time in the sunroom. If you have potted plants or intricate decorations, you may want to think about moving them into an area where your pet cannot reach. You don’t want any of your delicate flowers or mulch to become your dog’s midday snack. In a comfortable setting, you and your pet will feel relaxed.

Meditation room

If you are into meditative practice and yoga, this is a great opportunity for you to involve your pet in your everyday routine. Turning your sunroom into a meditation room will allow you and your butt to both feel tranquil and at ease with the day’s tasks. When you are feeling stressed out, you and your pet can take a journey to your sunroom and relax. Supervise your pet in the meditation room by adding small furniture in an area where your pet can simmer down. You can make your space feel larger by incorporating light colors into the sunroom near windows and adding unique furniture that you can relax upon with your pet. Just make sure that your meditation furniture is pet-proof and calming! 

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