How to get a cat to drink more water?

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Making your cat (or dog) drink water can be a monstrous challenge, even more difficult than finding the right dog art. When ignored for a long time, it can lead to
kidney issues. Dehydration isn’t the only problem that your cat would face due to lack of water. If your
cat has existing kidney problems, it can worsen with time. So, how can you avoid this from happening?
How can you get your cat to drink more water?
Here is a complete guide to help you ensure that your lovely pet is hydrated healthy with these tried and
tested tips.
1-Place the Water Bowls in Multiple Locations:
The best way to keep your feline friend hydrated is to place the water bowls in multiple locations. It
helps ensure that the cat can access it whenever needed instead of searching for that one bowl in
another room.
Unfortunately, some fur babies are a bit lazy when it comes to taking care of their needs. So, they might
not be willing to put in that effort to get up and go up to that bowl of water.
So, as a pet parent, you have to ensure that your fur baby has access to their water bowl in any part of
the house if need be.

2-Switch to Wet Food:
If you want to opt for this method, it is suggested that you have a quick chat with your veterinarian.
Doing this ensures that your cat doesn’t face any adverse effects from the switch in its diet. Wet food
tends to be an amazing way to let your cat get more water into its body.
Ideally, it would help if you started by adding a bit of wet food to the existing diet.
Then, slowly change the Wet: Dry ratio and completely switch to the wet variant.
Keep in mind that cats are very wary of any sudden changes. So, ensure that the change is slow and not
rampant. If you aren’t careful enough, your pet might even stop eating due to this abrupt change.
3-Introduce Some Flavoring to the Cat’s Water:
Another creative way to make your cat drink more water is by adding some flavors to the same. For
example, you can add a bit of chicken broth (low sodium) to the drinking water or discuss the flavor
options with the veterinarians.
Again, your vet can provide you with information about the possible options, especially the healthy
Remember, with a cat, the texture or smell of the food can bring in a major difference. So, ensure that
you consider making these changes only after consulting with your veterinarian.
Alternatively, you can keep the water cold by putting in some ice cubes on hot summer days. Your cat
surely wouldn’t want to drink warm water in the summer months.
So, make them drink more by bringing down the temperature of the water with ice cubes.
4-Use Cat Water Fountains:

A fun and interesting way to introduce water to your pet’s daily diet is by replacing the regular bowls
with a good cat water fountain.
The constantly running water keeps it fresh and devoid of any algal or slime formation. Ensure the
fountain is cleaned regularly to ensure the inaccessible parts aren’t infected with slime, dirt, or algae.
Plus, most cats and even dogs tend to prefer fresh and flowing water instead of standing, stale water
bowls. So, the key is to keep the water running with the help of cat water fountains. These fountains can
be a bit expensive, so make sure you check out your options before investing in the best cat water
for your cat.
5-Test Out Your Options with Water Bowls:
If you have a dog and a cat together in the house or multiple cats, your feline might not like sharing its
bowl. So, make sure you have a separate bowl for each pet in your house. Cats do not like their space
invaded by other animals, and a water bowl is their source of life.
Any invasion of their personal property could deter them from drinking enough.
Apart from this, it is important to select the right water bowl for your cat. Not all materials are fit for
use. While a plastic water bowl might seem ideal, lightweight, and inexpensive, they are highly prone to
algal and slime development.

Most cats drink well from a stainless steel water bowl or ceramic bowl that can keep the water fresh for
a long.
6-Keep Your Cat Active:
Most indoor cats are prone to consuming less water. They aren’t as active as outdoor cats and might not
be thirsty enough to drink enough water. Cats don’t push themselves at all if they feel like they don’t
need water for the time being.
They can go without water for days if they don’t indulge in games or other activities. As a pet parent,
you need to keep the cat active. Even if you can’t find time to play with your cat, ensure that they have
enough toys to go about it themselves.
Now and then, keep your cat happy take them out for a quick walk and keep them engaged to ensure
they feel thirsty and drink water. It will keep both you and your cat healthy while giving you some good
memories to cherish for years.

Cats tend to get their moisture from the prey. However, the tame ones don’t get access to that
traditional “hunt down your prey” experience. So, you must get things done the right way and introduce
your cat to as much water as needed by the pet.
In the long run, you will thank your stars that your pet is healthy and happy while you can avoid hefty
veterinarian bills.
Pay special attention to your pet if they already suffer from a urinary condition, and keep a check on
their water intake regularly. With these tips in mind, you can be a great pet parent. Remember to see
any signs that suggest your cat doesn’t like the changes.
If this happens, make sure you get in touch with your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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