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Ways to properly use a vest on your pet

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A harness is a good tool for walking a dog and it could be better to use when compared to standard collars. It can take time for a dog to get used to using a harness but it will be worth it in the long run. 

Why Use a Harness

A harness is able to distribute weight across the dog’s chest while a collar is limited to their neck. Harnesses are mostly used for dogs that tend to pull the owner while walking instead of walking by their side or a comfortable distance in front. A harness can be able to redirect the dog without hurting them. Some harnesses can come with a handle on the back to help young and old dogs move over things.

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What is Needed for Training

The first thing that a dog owner will need for harness training is a harness that fits the dog well and does that cause irritation or is too loose or too tight. It would also be a good idea that a name and address tag can come with the harness. An unnamed dog can become a lost dog. The other important item to use for training is the treats. Treats can help dog owners to teach the dog how to behave in relation to the harness as well as that the harness is not anything to fear.

How to Do Harness Training

There can be many easy-to-do steps to make the dog comfortable with the harness.

  • Put the harness in space so that they are aware of it
  • Let them smell it and play with it
  • Put it in your hand and let them react to it
  • Give them treats to reinforce a positive connection
  • Make the harness touch the dog’s fur
  • If they back away than reinforce and comfort them that the harness is nothing to worry about and try again
  • Put the harness from the front. If the dog starts to move away just touch them with the harness and put it back down
  • Try again until the dog lets the harness comes on them
  • Make sure it clips and it is comfortable on them
  • If the dog is a puppy than treats can be used to distract them from biting the harness until they learn to not do that
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Adding the Leash

Once the harness is on and the dog looks comfortable with it a leash can be introduced.

  • Tap the leash on the hook where it is going to go but do not hook it yet. This is done to tell the dog what will happen
  • Hook the leash on
  • Keep the leash loose 
  • Guide the dog towards the owner by using treats 

A harness is a good way to keep a dog in line while on a walk and it can take some time as well as a few steps until they are comfortable wearing a harness. 

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