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How to help a dog adjust to a new home?

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It is not unusual to recall memories of the old home, even for your dog! And some dogs can’t even get over it easily! Now, moving is already a complicated process, and it certainly becomes more challenging when you have a pet with you! As I recently moved to an apartment in midtown Atlanta, I was able to notice my dog acting differently. 

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Tips on Helping Dogs Adjust to New Residence

1.     Allow your dog to take his time

Take it steadily for a few days at the beginning for your dog to easily adjust to his new home. He will feel more friendly and comfortable when you will allow him to adjust himself in his way. Permit him to discover all over your place so that he can easily get himself knowledgeable regarding the area he is living in. In a few cases, some dogs take a long time to settle in their new home. If you find him from the roadside or places like that, then understand the fact that he has grown up in an unhealthy, rowdy, and tiring environment. Your warm shelter will provide him the sleep he never experienced. If you watch your dog hesitate while you are around him, then leave him alone. And if it is the opposite and he wants more attention then be more loving. 

5 Big Tips When Bringing Home a New Dog

2.     Dog’s Appetite

It is common for most of the dogs to not likely to eat the food you provide at the beginning. It is because they never had such food before and usually don’t realize and understand the value of the food you are giving. However, a dog will not starve and eventually will adapt to the food you are providing. 

3.     Make a Routine

Dogs are disciplined animals and tend to repeat the same routine every day. That is why make him adopt the routine which will be comfortable for both the dog and your family. Like, provide food to him regularly at the matching time, take him outside for a walk during the same time of the day, take him for potty breaks regularly, going to sleep at around the same time at night, etc. This will eventually allow him to know more about how your home works, and he will adjust himself to it. You can also add exercising times and playing times. He will feel more loved and can trust you properly once he can learn about your routine.

4.     Administer your dog

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Always check for the after-effects when you will leave your dog alone in the house. Mostly, dogs panic and stress out themselves when they are left alone at their new home. That is why at the beginning, you must observe his reactions when you leave the house. After he knows the consequences, automatically, he will make himself comfortable around the house even if he stays alone. Also, if you have other animals at your place, then observe if the dog attacks the other animals when left alone because of anxiety.

5.     House training affair

Puppies need you to help them grow up into a perfect dog. That is why you must learn about the different traits and be a good trainer of your dog. Also, you may have to go through the pains of feeding your dog more than usual and may be asked repeatedly in a day for a walk outside. To build a healthy relationship with your dog, you should fulfill his desires. Keep them away from burning or heating instruments like an electric fireplace.

6.     They might make an effort to escape

Always keep your eyes on your dog because it is nothing unusual for them to try to flee from your habitat. That is why check the leash regularly, especially when you go out. When they are taken to a new environment, because of panic attacks, they act stubbornly and will try their best to escape. That is why don’t place them in the yard when you are not at home because they are multi-talented for digging and leaping over the fence.

7.     Hold your patience

We human beings tend to feel comfortable and anxious when we go to a place full of strangers. The same goes for your dog. They feel scared and uneasy, which is why you must stay patient and allow him to take his time. Though it is different for different dogs like if you have a dog who was a pet before will easily adapt to you. Shelter dogs may take more than a week or more to adjust themselves with their new family. And for sure, after a few days when you will call your bestie, he will jump on your chest, waving his tail with a big smile on his face.

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Tips on the moving day:

The day you are about to move could be the most challenging for you and your dog. As a result, you need unique plans for the day! Some tips on the moving day that helped me most are:

Pet Sitter: As I was moving, I know the day would be stressful, and that’s why I decided to give my dog to a pet sitter. She took care of the dog, and then the next day, I brought him to the new home. You can do this too if you want to limit the troubles you are about to face that day! 

Please don’t make it super clean: Now, it makes sense that you would want to clean your new home immediately. But don’t make it too clean that can smell different to your dog. It will constantly remind him that it’s not his home, and he would want to flee! 


Dogs, being our best friends, deserve the effort to get mental support during moving to a new home. And you should give it a little bit of time, and after that, your furry friend will accept his new place and be the friendly dog you always knew! Good luck with your moving process, and make sure to take care of your pets! 

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