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How To Help Your Dog Get Proper Water Levels in its Diet

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How much water is enough for a day?

Water balance is very important for every living being. We, humans, have invented bazillions of different refreshing drinks to keep ourselves cool in hot summers. Our dogs have higher body temperature, so they also need refreshing during these days. Water is the necessary component in almost all the chemical reactions in their bodies. Besides, lack of water can cause different medical conditions and can make the life of our beloved cuties difficult.  So, being a responsible dog keeper, you need to provide all the necessary conditions for your dogs to have constant access to water.

There’s always an important question the new dog keepers face in the beginning. How much water does my dog need to feel well? There are a couple of formulas, but one of the most popular shows that during a day your dog needs an ounce of water per pound of body weight. So, if your Mastiff drinks less than your neighbor ‘s Cocker Spaniel, it’s time to start worrying. Usual water intake during the hot summer days also depends on the type of food your dog eats. Those dogs that prefer dry food might need more water (bigger bowl), in comparison to those that like moisturized dog food.

It’s crucial to keep your dog fit all the time, but if there are any signs of obesity in your dog, be careful in summers. Obese dogs feel less comfortable in hot weather and might experience the dehydration more often. So, may vets suggest changing the type of the food for summer, make it lighter, and if your dog eats dry food all the time, a specific type of summer diet rich with fiber and containing more vegetables is much more useful for your dog than the commercial one.

Keeping fresh during the outdoor activities

If you don’t have a big yard and your dog needs more space for playing, so you often take him for a walk, make sure that you’ve got a couple of bottles of water with you to refresh and cool your dog during the active phase of walking. Because dehydration in a dog’s body can start without any symptom, and you might notice that’s something’s wrong when it’s too late. You will use this water for dog’s drinking or just pour a little of it over him if he doesn’t mind.  Some dogs don’t like being showered with the water during a walk, but you can always turn this necessary procedure into a funny game.

Pay attention to the material the pavement is made of. Some of the materials are nor heat-resistant and might be too hot for your dog to walk on. That’s why during the hot summer days try to take your dog to walk somewhere on the grass. The skin on your dog’s paws might look very thick and strong, but it’s very sensitive to heat and cold. And indeed, your cutie gets hot through the legs more than through the other parts of the body. It’s important to check the color of the dog’s tongue and the way he breathes during a walk on summer days. It will help you prevent the process of dehydration on time.  If you’ve noticed that your dog has some signs of dehydration, move to the shade and try to make the activities lighter.  Just sit together for a couple of minutes, don’t let your dog move much for a while.

How to choose the right water bowl for your dog and where to put it?

Many dog keepers have noticed how sensitive some dogs are towards the bowl they drink and eat from. There’s no need to explain how important the choice of the dog’s bowl can be. So, think about your dog’s temper, and choose what he/she will certainly like instead of suiting the color of the bowl with your interior design. And if you Chihuahua girl is the real rock star inside, instead of a pink cute heart-shaped bowl, choose something more brutal and harsher. And remember, the bigger your house is, the more bowls you’ll need to put in different places for your dog’s comfort.

It’s a common fallacy to think that only heat can cause dehydration. Extreme cold can also affect the water balance of your dog’s body. Once you decide to keep a dog, it’s time to analyze how ready and equipped your house is. Here we don’t mean anything very special. But pay attention to the floor covering. If your floor is tiled, then it might be too cold for your dog in winters, and vice versa, pulled carpeting can be hard to tolerate in summers. On the other hand, the floor is the place you put your dog’s water bowl. Again, if it’s a pulled carpet or you use the floor heating in winters, use the bowls on a long stand in order to minimize the effect of the hot floor on the temperature of water your doggy drinks. And of course, cooling mats in summer can prevent the dehydration and overheat.

Some dogs drink less than they need, so it’s time for their keepers to get more creative. Think about what kind of water you like during the summer heat. Cold and fresh. We often dream about getting next to the cold spring or a small waterfall somewhere in the shadows and heavenly coolness of the woods. For sure, your dog would like to be there with you. But you can create the same atmosphere for your dog even in your city apartment. The only thing you need is a dog water fountain. If you’re a king of DIY things, you can search for the DIY dog water fountain ideas for your yard or a flat, but now there are a lot of ready-made dog self-serve water fountains. So, each time your dog gets thirsty, he’ll have a great time of joy and refreshing. And again, for those of you who still have some concerns about the design of your dog’s water bowl, a water fountain can be the best choice, as it’s modern, stylish, and will certainly look great with any decoration.

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