How to Host an Effective Pet Party

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If you are a proud owner of a furry little bundle of joy and you’ve tried hosting parties, then you know how challenging that can be. Hosting a party with pets around the house inclines you to have a whole new perspective on pre, during and post-party preparations. This is not solely a party for you, as your pets are present as well. So, you need to take their needs and behaviours into account. 

Pets can be scared of too many people and too much noise. Some of them even get too excited when there are a lot of people around. On the other hand, some pets tend to bore people by jumping on them and barking loudly. Most of them will be intrigued by all the food and will beg your guests with sad eyes to share some with them. This is risky as your pet can’t tell your guests which food they can and cannot eat due to numerous reasons. Additionally, some of your guests might be scared of pets or might dislike pets. All in all, there are plenty of things you should think about.  

1.  Prepare your pet for the party

When hosting a party with pets around, there is one more aspect of party planning you need to count in – preparing your pet for the party. This is especially true and necessary if you own a dog. What does it mean to prepare your pet for the party? Well, for any pet, such as a cat or a dog, you should feed them before the party. If you have a dog, you should also take it for a walk, or let it run and play to lose a bit of energy. Also, you should bathe it to make sure it looks and smells clean. Most often dogs adore guests, while cats do not so much. If you have a cat, most likely you won’t even see it during the party. It will hide somewhere safe and quiet. Unless you have an overly friendly cat.

2.  Prepare your home for the party

When you have prepared your pet for the party, or while in the middle of it, you should also start preparing your home for the party as well. What does that imply exactly? Of course, you’ve probably already dealt with the typical party preparations including food, drinks, decorations and music. If you’ve decided, like many people in Australia, to go for a photo booth hire in Sydney, you should do a couple of things first before setting up the booth. First of all, you should collect all the pet hair and vacuum thoroughly as some of your guests might be allergic to it. Then you should wipe down all the surfaces and create a spot big enough for the photo booth. Finally, set up all the decor and partyware.

3.  Greet your guests to avoid barking

As you probably noticed, whenever somebody knocks on your door or rings the doorbell, your dog starts defending its territory by barking. This is perfectly normal. However, if you live in a building, barking might bother your neighbours. So, to avoid your dog barking whenever someone comes, open the door together with your dog and greet the guests. Your dog will most likely realise that it’s a friendly greeting and that there’s no need for fuss.

4.  Detain your pet (dog) if necessary

In some cases, it is absolutely impossible to make your dog behave in the presence of guests. If you have such a dog, consider some other options for detaining it. This is better for its safety and security. You can put it on a leash or crate it. Additionally, you can take your pet for pet sitting or detain it in some part of your home or yard where your guests won’t be going.

5.  Keep your pets busy during the party

It would be great to keep your pet busy and entertained while hosting a party. You can do that easily by giving them their favourite chew toy. It is also a plausible way to prevent your pet from chewing something they shouldn’t chew. On the other hand, if your dog gets aggressive when there is food around them or a chew toy, then take them someplace else, away from guests and do the same thing.

You probably won’t have any trouble with your pet if it’s well-behaved and disciplined. However, if that’s not the case, prepare yourself well for dealing with all potential pet-related issues and mishaps.