How to keep your Dog Cool When Travelling in Summer?

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Guest Post: Traveling is fun, especially with our best friends, i.e. dogs. However, with great power comes great responsibility. For, pets should receive the care they deserve while travelling; otherwise, it may prove detrimental to their health. Dogs require special care during summers, as they are prone to heatstroke or heat exhaustion. While travelling with your dog in the summer season, you just need to keep the following things in mind to keep your dog cool:

1. Proper Ventilation

In absence of proper ventilation, the body temperature of dogs tends to rise quickly, which can lead to possible health emergencies. You must turn on the air conditioner and keep the windows of the vehicle open from both sides during the road trip with your pet. A portable fan, which runs on batteries, is also a must-have. One should buy it when planning to travel with a dog. Don’t forget to check out an ESA letter for all your pet traveling needs.

2.  Hydration

During a summer trip with your dog, one important task is to pack a bowl for your dog and give them water at regular intervals. One can also add ice to the water as it helps dogs to stay cool in the scorching heat. Don’t forget to carry a lot of water just for your dog; otherwise, the bowl would not be of much use.

3. Shade

Dogs need to be safeguarded from the sun during your travel. Keep them in shade to prevent their body from overheating. If on a road trip, don’t forget to install sunshades on windows of your vehicle; otherwise; the dog would feel hot and restless. 

4. Wet or cool accessories

If the temperature is a bit high, proper ventilation, shade and hydration might not be sufficient. Look for Dog Cooling Products at your local store or online to cool your pet during long travel. A good cooling mat with gel-based technology would help absorb body heat and prove to be a convenient option for your dog to stay cool and comfortable during the entire journey. If feasible, you may also use an ordinary wet mat.

Another good option is a cooling vest, which can be tied around your dog to keep them cool and comfy. A DIY cooling cape or a cooling neck scarf can also be made from a wet microfiber cloth to get a similar chilling effect.

5. Water toys

While shopping for dog cooling products, you may choose to buy water toys for your dog, in addition to accessories discussed above. Good water toys would not only keep them cool but also help reduce their anxiety levels during the journey. For, toys are a fun distraction for dogs and aid in managing their energy levels as well, as they easily get tired while playing with the toys. 

The bond between dogs and humans seem to be eternal. Dogs have been our companions for millennia. In the past, they have guarded our cattle, hunted and even travelled with us as nomads. Similarly, we have reciprocated the love by providing them with toys and including them in our travel plans in contemporary times. But we also need to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of dogs on these travel plans and safeguard them from the challenges that travel poses. Taking care of the needs of dogs in return for their selfless love and seemingly eternal companionship doesn’t seem like a bad deal.  

Author Bio: – Pawan Sharma is an animal lover and loves to write about Dog health other animal’s health. In his free time, he loves to play basketball and to play with his kids.

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