How To Keep Your House Clean with Dogs and Other Pets

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Guest post: Undeniably, pets provide exceptional fun and enjoyment to any member of the household. Days are brighter if you have a pet (or pets) in your home.  Seeing them running towards excitedly once you arrive from work or any errand outside is another lovely scene. Also, imagine being sweetly woken up by your puppy or cat asking for a cuddle. That is such a great morning to wake up to!

Maintaining your house when you have pets can be quite challenging. Pets tend to be hyperactive, so they run back all-around your home. As a result, your place might be messy most of the time, and unfortunately, smelling a bit stinky. You can always pay for pet-friendly house cleaners, however, you still need to know how to maintain your house just by yourself. But worry no more, because we have listed five essential tips on having a cleaner place with your cute companions. 

Tips for a Cleaner Home with your Pets

Sure, pets are so adorable and charming, but having them requires you to apply extra efforts to maintain your place and keep it liveable enough for both the household members and them. 

Use effective cleaning supplies and tools.

The cleaning supplies you purchase matter. They must be helpful enough to get rid of the pet stains and furs. However, many cleaning products contain chemicals that might be harmful to your furry friend. Avoid ones that have ammonia, Hydrochloric Acid, and Phthalates as they can cause potential harm to animals. Find pet-friendly items and, at the same time, powerful enough to remove stains and odors where your pet usually stays. They must be efficient and applicable to your house’s different surfaces, like wood flooring, couches, and carpets.

Clean or wash your pet’s playthings

Cleaning the toys of your pets can significantly do wonders for you. Their playthings bear their odor and accumulated dirt and germs. Regularly washing and sanitizing them will be a great help in maintaining your home while ensuring the health and safety of your pets.

Wash the pet’s beddings regularly

Unlike humans, animals are much more prone to germs and bacterias as they have no self-control over where they roll, run and lay down. Considering that, your pet’s beddings must be changed and washed routinely. Doing so will maintain your house and keep your pets from different germs and bacterias that may induce illness to them.

Get help

Cleaning your house will surely eat up your time. If you have an extra budget, you can ask for help from professional cleaners. Hiring them will spare you hours of cleaning the pet stains and messes. They will make your living space spotless, smelling nice, making you enjoy your home better without you exerting too much effort.

Train your pets

To somehow control the dirt your pets accumulate or create; you have to train them. You can purchase an absorbent mat and place it on your door, then train your pets to always step on it before they go inside your house to get rid of the dirt from their paws. You can also teach your dog to return their toys to their boxes to lessen the mess. It might require a lot of effort to housetrain your fur babies, but once they learn, it will be worth it for sure.


Despite the hassles brought about by owning a pet, it is undeniable that they bring joy to the household. Their cuteness, charm, and adorability are enough consolation to the measures you have to take to keep your place clean and healthy. After all, the joy and happiness that these pets bring you are not worth any amount of effort and money.

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