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Tips on Keeping Your Pets Safe during The Pandemic

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The novel Coronavirus pandemic is getting out of control with the passing of every day. With more than 2 billion people on the planet suffering from the virus, the lockdown may extend again. Quarantine for people is a strategy to keep them safe; however, it may not be appreciable for your pets.

As per the reports by NBC News, two cats in the USA tested positive for the Coronavirus. Nonetheless, you cannot ban these innocent and adorable beings from your lives. Shockingly, according to experts, humans may not be getting the virus from their pets as there is no such proof. But, unfortunately, pets are getting the infection from their owners.

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests the limitation of pets and keeping them inside your houses. Also, it believes pet owners suffering from an illness must stay away from their cats and dogs.

As per facts and figures from medical experts, the disease SARS-CoV-2 is hijacking animal cells. It is a zoonoticdisease that jumped into human beings through animals. The virus has the ability to inject its cells by making a bond with ACE2 – a protein existing on the cell surface. This protein is found in numerous animal species.

The virus is infecting companion animals in some countries according to new channels. Before the first USA cases of infected pet cats, a seventeen years dog in Hong Kong died due to the virus. Also, a cat suffered from the disease in Belgium by the month of March. 

With these symptoms, the ratio of infected pets is still meager. Nonetheless, pet owners are worried about their companions and searching for possible solutions to secure them. Here is a list of all the possible ways through which you can protect your pets from the outspread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Take All the Possible Precautions

There is a lot more to learn about the novel Coronavirus. The disease is still under the microscope, and medical researchers are paying attention to every aspect of it. Vaccination for the virus is still far away from the future. People are trying to take precautions and prevent its spread.

While it is still mysterious to the world in many aspects, you cannot analyze if it is contagious from animals too. The virus in human cases affects hard surfaces for almost seventy-two hours. And, it stays on softer surfaces for just twenty-four hours.

Nonetheless, these details are unknown in the case of contacting animals; therefore, you must stick to all the precautions. Along with washing hands before and after handling them, you must worry about the health of you and your companion.

No wonder, it is not possible to isolate your cat or dog, but you must keep a distance from them for safety. While pets are not infecting you, your presence can still be harmful to the adorable partner. 

Do not make your pets feel alone or abandon them. Just try to make the most of their time and follow the measures meanwhile. Limit kissing, snuggling or petting your companion for social distancing. 

Update Your Stock of Pet Food

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting infected is by staying healthy. As per the reports by medical experts, you must work on your immune system to fight the novel SARS-CoV-2. Similar is the case with animals. Assure that your pets are strong and healthy throughout quarantine.

Go through your bunch of online discount codes if and search for operational pet stores. Do not gather all the year’s pet treats but, make sure you have enough stock. Find pet food for at least a week or more for fulfilling your innocent partner’s needs.

Most of the retail stores and online groceries are selling medical supplies or urgently needed items throughout nations. Nevertheless, pet owners must focus on the needs of their pets. For this reason, filling stocks for entertaining the demands of your companions is necessary.

Maintain Social Distancing If Sick

For those who are suffering from the disease themselves, make sure you stay away from your pets. It is necessary to protect your best friends while they are residing with you. Cats and dogs have nowhere to go except your home. Keeping them in isolation or restricting them from the world is not appreciable for pets.

Aside from, gather essential medical supplies for pets and arrange all that you may require for the safety of your cats and dogs. Do not use facemasks or sanitizer for them. Use it personally and keep washing your hands.

Also, make sure you keep them at least two rooms away from you. Or ask a family member to keep them for you. You must find an emergency caregiver for your pet and assure if they are being treated properly. Cats or dogs need tender care and love to keep them full and satisfied.

You must find activities to engage them and consider handing them to a neighbor if you do not have a family member around. Try to be as protective as you can.

The Bottom Line

Animals are innocent, and they may not be able to tell you about their condition if sick. Make sure to keep checking them and keep them away from all sorts of problems. As per the World Health Organization, “there is no evidence that Coronavirus is transferring from pets to their owners.” 

Instead, cases are reversed; therefore, you must maintain distance if you are sick. Get the proper protection and find the best possible shelter for animals around you. Try not to touch them without washing your hands and drop the idea of abandoning them!

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