How To Make This Winter Stress-Free for your dog

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1. Keep routines as normal as possible

A consistent routine is comforting for dogs of all breeds. Whether it’s meal times, feeding schedules, or activities, it will keep them content. Although our canine friends are able to adjust to change over time, such as when the clocks go back or forward, it’s the sudden disruption that can lead them to feel stressed, worried or anxious.

2. Give them a place to relax

Do give your dogs space, but also letting them rejoin the festivities, if and when they might want to. Provide them with a safe space to relax, making sure they have enough water and toys.

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3. Pay them plenty of attention

Your dog is part of the family too, so take time away from your guests to spend time with your dog – whether taking them out for a walk, playing games, or just relaxing together.

Do keep an eye on your canine to ensure your guests aren’t too rough with them as the party goes on. If you think it’s getting a little too much, you can encourage the dog back to their retreat.

4. Make sure they get enough exercise

Just because it’s Christmas Day, doesn’t mean your pooch shouldn’t enjoy their usual walk. Making sure that your dog gets enough exercise on Christmas Day and over the festive period is important in keeping them calm and relaxed – as nothing makes for a crazy Christmas canine as too much energy and frustration.

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