How to Make Your Pets More Comfortable Home Alone?

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Pets are great companions. It is important to keep them happy and safe whether you’re home or away from home. Leaving your pets without preparing them can cause anxiety and psychological distress. They could even attempt to get outside and hurt themselves in the process.

As a paw parent, you need to prepare for circumstances that could force your pets to remain home alone. You need the best tips to keep them calm the entire period. This article looks into the best advice on how to keep your pets comfortable whenever they’re home alone.

Here are all the things you need to know.

Create a Safe Place

Safety is very important for pets. The first thing you must do whenever you’re leaving them behind is to make sure that your home is safe. The space you create depends on the type of pet, but the main concern is that you should be making sure that there are no objects that might fall and hurt your pet.

Your pets may also play with things like electric wires, plant pots, sharp knives, etc., and end up hurting themselves. Household items like bleach, petroleum jelly, toilet sanitizer, human medication, mosquito repellent, etc., should also be kept far away from pets.

Aside from removing hazards, also make sure that they have the necessities they need to feel safe. This includes a water bottle for when they’re thirsty, enough ventilation in the room, toys for when they’re bored, and a bed they’ll feel comfortable in.

If you have a cat, for example, you can get a cat bed for them. You can purchase a quality cat bed from a nearby pet store or check out this website. Buying a bed for your pet makes them feel secure and relaxed. A bed also helps prevent your pet from sleeping on a cold floor when home alone, further preventing arthritic joints in the future.

Get Your Pets Used to Some Alone Time

Your pets will also not have a problem staying alone if they’re used to it. The best thing you can do is to reduce the time you spend with them. One way you can do that is by having a separate room for your pets. You can also designate a cornered section of your home for them.

The more they learn to stay in their designated place, the better they’ll adapt to being alone. That will help reduce stress and anxiety anytime you’re away from home. Clear any hazards from their place and add things like toys, food, and water to keep them comfortable.

It is also vital to have an expert look into your pet’s behavior. You could be dealing with a separation-related problem that needs attention. Solutions such as classical and operant conditioning that teach good separation behavior can be helpful. Severe cases may require specialized attention.

Exercise Before Leaving

An exercised pet can easily stay alone at home. You need to help your pet burn any extra energy that they have if they are to remain alone at home. You need to schedule exercises early enough to accommodate your schedule and ensure they don’t miss their regular walks.

Exercise also makes them feel calm and relaxed; it tires them out and makes them less active. This also ensures that the pet doesn’t cause any damages at home. You will also lessen the chances of your pet playing with dangerous things at home because they’re already too tired to even play. 

Reward Good Behavior

Pets love it when you appreciate them for good behavior. If your dog demonstrates calm and relaxed behavior, make sure that you reward it. Besides buying them treats, you can also praise their good behavior, and they’ll be happy to continue with it.

Rewarding good behavior is an operant conditioning method of teaching specific pet behaviors. You can use it to teach your pets that you are encouraging positive behavior with rewards. You can use this method in behavioral training sessions and that will help develop desirable behavior in your pet.

You also need to understand the best ways to correct your dog whenever something goes wrong. Reprimanding them whenever they fail to show good behavior could affect them. Besides, you may end up increasing stress levels and lower their esteem.

Leave Them Something Entertaining

It is not only human beings who feel bored; pets experience boredom too. It is vital to leave your pet with some entertainment so that they avoid boredom and remain relaxed. Complete silence when you’ve left can make pets feel bored and anxious.

The best thing you can do is switch on the radio before you leave. The noise from the radio will distract your pets and make them feel some human presence in the room. You also need to include entertainment when training the dog to stay alone because that will enhance response.

Get Them Into a Routine

Sticking to a routine may also help your pet stay alone without anxiety and stress. It would be best to start by leaving for short periods to see how easily they can adapt. It is also advisable to leave your home at specific times so that they get used to your routine and be calmer when you leave.

You need to ensure that you follow the same routine daily. For instance, you can walk your pets, feed them, and put them into their space before leaving for 20 minutes. Doing that for a few days will get your pets used to it, and then you can adjust the time slowly.

Leave Your Scent

Pets have several senses that they can use to know if you’re around or not. Besides seeing you, they can also smell your presence to feel safe and relaxed. You can therefore create the illusion that you’re around when you’re not there. That’s by leaving your scent behind.

For instance, your pillow could most likely smell like you. It is one of the best things you can leave behind and create the illusion of your presence after you’ve left. You can also leave your t-shirt behind around their space so that they can smell it and feel your presence.

Use a Kennel

Assuming you’re a dog owner, a kennel can be a vital addition to your home. Kennels are like houses for dogs, and you need them for your dogs whenever you’re away. They make your pets feel safe and also make them avoid other areas of your home that could easily get messy when they’re restless inside.

If you have a cat, you can also create their small home inside your house. 

Making your dog feel comfortable is very vital if you’re leaving your house. Their own space will also make them feel safer, less stressed, and happier. That way, you’ll find it easier to leave for work every day.


Those are some of the best things you need to do before leaving your pet home alone. These tips will help you reduce stress and anxiety levels during such periods. That will, in turn, help your pets stay healthy and easier for you to run errands away from home.

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