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How to Move to Florida With Animals

In Dogs by Emotional Pet Support Team

So you’ve decided to relocate to Florida with your furry companion in tow. Congratulations! Like Mililani, Hawaii, both of these locales offer warm climates — no adjustment period to snow or dreary days required. Although your new life offers many exciting opportunities for both you and your pet, moving can be stressful. This guide will walk you through the steps to create a moving experience for your pet that’s as calm and peaceful as possible.

Plan a Pet-friendly Life

Some might sign a lease sight unseen, but the best way to ensure a smooth transition for you and your pet is to plan ahead. Take a scouting trip to look for homes or apartments that aren’t just pet-tolerant but truly pet-friendly. Look for communities where you see dogs on frequent walks or children playing with their animals outside. Think about noise levels or other environmental factors that could upset your pet, like excessive rain and wind during Florida’s hurricane season. Tour your prospective unit and check for hazards where your pet could get hurt or stuck. Once you’ve found the perfect place, sign the lease, purchase any pet-proofing supplies you may need, and find a new Florida veterinarian.

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Purchase Pet Insurance To Protect Both of You

Moving is one of life’s most difficult transitions for human beings — let alone dogs, cats, and other animals! The disorienting nature of moving can sometimes contribute to an unexpected illness, change your pet’s eating habits, or cause your pet to attempt an escape and return to your prior home. 

If you don’t already have pet insurance, take out a policy in Florida prior to your moving date. Make sure it covers a wide range of illnesses and injuries while keeping premiums and deductibles affordable. When ​​finding Florida pet insurance, compare a few quotes, and don’t forget to look at online reviews. Finally, make sure your pet meets the policy’s age requirements and that it will be accepted at your new Florida vet’s office.

Moving Day

If you have a trusted pet sitter or pet daycare provider in Mililani, you should plan to bring your pet there for moving day. If you can afford it, it’s best to hire movers so that the packing process is as quick and efficient as possible. While you’re in between places, stay at a pet-friendly vacation rental rather than a traditional hotel near your destination in Florida. This will help you see how your animal adjusts to new environments.

Settling In


All animals react to new spaces differently. A rambunctious dog might need only an hour or two to sniff their new digs and settle in. But if you have a skittish cat, you may want to set them up with their food, litter box, and toys in a small bedroom for a few days. This will allow them to establish a “home base” before they explore the entire home. No matter what, make sure you’re there with plenty of love and snuggles to show them they’re safe. 

Move You and Your Pet With Confidence

You’re sure to be busy planning your move from Hawaii to Florida, but don’t forget to enjoy this special time and share in that excitement with your animal companion. Visit Emotional Pet Support for more tips for conscious pet owners.