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How to Promote Your Dog’s Profile on Social Media?

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Having an Instagram profile for your dog can become not only a pleasant hobby but also a way to make some money through partnership and sponsor deals. Anyway, for whatever reason, you have decided to make your pooch Instagram-famous, these tips will help you out. 

Start From Taking Absolute Care for Your Pet

How to make a dog ecstatic on the photos if it is not happy in real life? Humanity has not developed a solution to such a problem yet. And there is absolutely no need to. If you happen to be a bad parent to your puppy, then you shouldn’t torture it anymore to make it famous on social media. 

Instead, provide it with the best feed, medication, and vaccines if needed, dedicate enough time for bringing it up, and teaching tricks to make it not obedient and constantly anxious but disciplined. 

A photoshoot can be a stressful process for dogs as far as they are not allowed to move but are ordered to stay in place and wait for their treat. If you took great care of your pet’s physical health, but it still does not seem satisfied with its life, then these 5 simple ways you can improve your pet’s life along with these 3 easy ways to relieve anxiety in pets can help you out.

Find What’s So Unique About Your Friend

There are heaps of doggy Instagram profiles out there and if your plan is to post regular cute images of your pet, it isn’t the best strategy to get started. Capture what’s so unique about it. 

If you believe in your dog’s extraordinariness, then show it off to others. Make it the forefront of the profile. Something unique about your dog should work as a bait for your future followers. 

But how to find it?  As always, the rule of life works here: if you do not try anything then you will discover nothing as well. Expose your pooch to different activities, toys, clothes, food, friends. Every dog is an unprecedented creature, and it is your task to reveal it to the world with photos. 

For example, there is an Instagram profile of a corgi dog named Willo who gives so funny sounds while eating. Its owner caught the moment, which resulted in almost 100 000 people following Willo’s profile. 

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You can even start a unique blog connected somehow with the Instagram page. To get creative publications, ask the best writers from the Online Writers Rating and Best Writers Online writing services reviews platforms to help you. Doing this way, you will be able to redirect your audience from your blog to social media profiles and vice versa. 

Make the Feed Look Stylish

The first impression the Instagram viewer gets is visual. Thus, here is a shortlist of points to keep in mind if you’re trying to be conscious of the look of the feed:

  1. Do not put pictures from the same photoshoot or that look similar next to each other, instead – spread them by at least 5 posts.
  2. Alternate close-up and further-away photos.
  3. Use the lightroom to maintain the same filter and style to all of your photos. 

Leading an attractive Instagram profile is not an easy job, it is rather meticulous and time-consuming. Quality content is what people are attracted to on every social platform.

Be Creative And Determined to Take Cool Dog Pictures

Obviously, you do not need to be a professional photographer or own a pricey camera and a variety of lenses to promote your pooch on the most popular social media platform in the world. You might need a camera if you have decided to take it seriously and deliver content, but your skills will grow with practice. Here is another list of things to make the photo in your head come true.

  1. Use squicky and other sounds to draw the dog’s attention. Use different devices that give off varied sounds, so that the dog does not get annoyed with them and does not opt for ignoring them. 
  2. Put some tasty gooey liquid on its nose to get an interesting expression of a dog licking its mouth. Of course, do not neglect your dog’s health and well-being just for the photo.
  3. Shoot in natural light and find pretty landscapes. It is recommended to shoot in shade to not get overlighted spots on the photo and sharp shades on the dog’s face.
  4. Get on the dog’s level. If you go hard, then do not be ashamed of laying on your belly or taking even the strangest poses to take an effective photo.
  5. Dogs move. All the time. The best expressions are only caught in action. Emotions are hard to be captured according to your order. For that reason, use the burst mode or video to take the most frames possible. Having a million photos after one dog photoshoot is completely natural.
  6. Do not be fearful of editing to tell a story. There is a lot of discussion on the topic of whether editing is immoral or not. Yet while it takes a lot of skill to photoshop a photo to make it truly impressive, it is not a crime. What is more, dogs are hard to sit still, so photoshopping them to a different environment, for example, is absolutely normal.
  7. Teach your canine tricks and commands like ‘Sit’, ‘Stand’, and ‘Bark’ to ease your struggles while taking shots. Subjecting and preparing the pet for the camera from its puppyhood is essential in that case.

Use Dog Hashtags

How to become Instagram-famous? The answer is usually universal – tags. To get started quickly, it is suggested to post every single day and add a ton of hashtags in the comment section. Do not be afraid to tag bigger profiles as well, like Buzzfeed.

If you keep trying over and over again, you will definitely be noticed, and if your content is worthy, then they will post your picture, which will help the profile blow up. 

Continuing the topic of corgi you can use tags like @corgiinstagram, @corgifeed, @doggosdoingthings, @corgeouscorgis. Unfortunately, it is easier to find a tag for corgi because users really like this breed, so it deserves the title of ‘Dogs of Instagram’. But, one more time: there is a niche for every dog with its extraordinary personality. 

Reach out to massive brands to collab and do giveaways. If your pet profile is attractive and alive, they are likely to accept your offer. For instance, you can post a few dog pictures with their product in return for a collaboration. Meet ‘famous’ dogs to take collaborative photos.


To promote your dog’s Instagram page, you have to take care of basic things: quality content, uniqueness, puppy’s happiness, and health and, obviously, connections. Instagram is an especially pet-friendly platform so it is a good strategy to get started with it. 

Mary Byrd  is a freelance writer with a combination of analytical mind and creativity. Marie is currently working in the company Best Writers Online writing services review and does everything to climb the career ladder of the blog. Marie is one of the best specialists in her field, who is always looking for new ways to create interesting content.

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