How to reduce the time you spend cutting your dog’s nails?

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You have to admit it, dog grooming can become quite difficult. It isn’t all that easy to begin with but sometimes your dog just doesn’t want to collaborate or it’s just not the right day or something else and you just end up spending so much time on something that is, in essence, not all that troubling to handle. We’d like to focus on a particular area – cutting the dog’s nails. It’s essential and it has to be done on a regular basis. Otherwise, your dog will scratch and might damage surfaces and nails, which are longer than normal, could cause pain for them. So, how can you reduce the time spent on this important, but challenging task?

First, lose the clippers

There are two main tools which you can cut nails with. Well, when we say cut, we actually mean groom. These tools are: clippers, which actually clip and nail grinders which grind and shorten the nail gradually. Clippers might sometimes be the cheaper option but they are much less safe and less precise. They will cut the nail right off and it will require a lot of filing and smoothening from there. Furthermore, it’s easier to cut too much of the nail off and end up hurting the pet. You don’t want that. That’s why you do want a nail grinder. It offers much more precision and the whole job will be done quicker. 

Get a grinder that is truly versatile

Speaking about grinders, there is a lot to choose from online. Stores like Amazon and others have a lot of different nail grinders which makes it difficult to find the best choice or the right alternative. We recommend looking at in-depth reviews and comparisons of different grinders. You should seek a device that’s quiet (won’t stress out the pup), easy to use, has the versatility to cut nails for all breed sizes and is affordable. Oh, you should also look for a dog nail grinder with light attached. It makes being precise that much easier.

Do one set of legs at a time

If you feel like going for the whole job done in one go is too much trouble – don’t. If you get tired or feel attrition towards the end, it slows you down significantly. When everything is summed up, you might be quicker if you took a coffee or one episode of your TV show break in-between sets of legs. Do the fronts first and if you’re feeling meh in terms of energy, take a short break and return to trimming afterwards. Don’t forget to have an ESA letter to make sure you keep your furry friend.

Reward them more if they aren’t collaborating

However, low energy levels won’t be the thing that will cause you the most setbacks. It’s definitely the unwillingness to collaborate by your dog. There are many reasons why that might happen. First and foremost, if you’re using a grinder which is loud, they will be reluctant to see it near their bodies 99% of the time. So it is essential that you go for a quite one. There could be other causes for this behaviour but there is only one sure way to tackle it and get your dog on your good side – reward them with more treats. This will make them relax and allow you to get the job done faster.

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