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National Pet Day: How to Pamper Your ESA Cat

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Your cat has been there for you through thick and thin, through the hard times and the easy times, and now you want to show your appreciation as National Pet Day is approaching. (It’s on April 11th for those pet parents unaware!) So, how do you show your love to your furry feline friend or emotional support cat? Here are a few suggestions.

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Give your cat a pampering session

You know how when you want to be pampered you will go to the spa, the nail salon or the hairdresser? These activities make you feel good because you get to be treated by someone else to help you look your best. Well, cats love pampering too! If you give your cat a gentle, thorough grooming, it will help your cat out by doing some of her cleaning for her and by making her feel loved. Your cat loves it when you spend time with her, and she loves being close to you, so personal grooming is a great way to bond. Grooming your cat’s fur also keeps your cat healthier, reduces shedding and makes your cat’s coat lighter for those hot, summer days. 

Make a play space

Your cat loves to play, and your home or yard might not be very exciting for her. Why not build a play space that engages her natural curiosity and hunting instincts? This doesn’t have to be super expensive. You can just create a series of cubby holes using boxes or buy a cat cave from Felt Cave? What you are looking to create are areas that your cat can climb on and that she can hide away in. Your cat doesn’t necessarily need to be completely hidden, but just being in a cave-like structure that is partially enclosed and partially dark can be very comforting for your feline friend.

Buy some new toys

We already said your cat loves to play, and you can keep things simple by simply purchasing some new toys for her to have fun with. An electronic mouse, for example, can keep your cat playing for hours. Food puzzles can entertain your cat and engage their hunter senses. If you are going to get a few toys, try to get a variety to keep your cat occupied and to engage her interest. 

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Get a new pet

Show your own pet some love and spread some love to a new pet on National Pet Day by taking your cat to an animal shelter and finding a pet that she connects with. Let her get close to the pens of dogs and cats until she finds one that she connects with. Then see about taking that one home and making it a part of the family. Your cat may really love to have a new friend around the house. 

Make National Pet Day special

What are you doing to show your emotional support cat that you appreciate her? These are truly special animals, and they deserve some pampering from time to time. National Pet Day is a great opportunity to show some appreciation and to do something extra nice for your beloved pet, and the time you spend together can strengthen your bond and help establish a deeper connection that increases your cat’s loyalty and how much she enjoys her life. Have fun! 

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