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How To Take Care Of Pets During Summer Season

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Summertime means sun, beach, and a lot of outdoor enjoyment with your pets. Summer can be a great time to enjoy with your lovely pets. Higher temperature also means higher risks for your furry partner. It is important to follow some precautions and take care of your little pet. If your pet shows any sign of anxiety, dehydration, or excessive stress, please rush them to your vet and get them checked. You should know everything about your pets and their gestures to meet all their needs. To know more about your pets, visit AdvisingMama today and find amazing content to help you out.

The summer season may be tough for your pets and for us too, but it just requires some attention. Take care of your pets as you care for a little child and protect them from too much heat and many other summer dangers and effects. Summer is the perfect time to increase their level of exercise and make them look in tip-top shape. The best way to keep your pets fit is to take them for a walk with you in the early morning and late evening too.

Tips To Take Care Of Pets During Summer Season

Following are some of the best tips to take care of pets during the summer season:

Pet grooming

Our pets feel the same as we feel fresh after taking a shower. Basic grooming includes washing the pet’s fur, and it can also include brushing grinding, and nail trimming your cutie. Grooming also includes regular massage of your pet to keep it relaxed.

Summer also offers a cool haircut chance for your little pet. Your pet’s coat is designed by nature to keep them cool during the hot season and hot in the winter season. It is best to get your pets groomed regularly, as this helps them to stay comfortable.

Keep your pet’s paws cool

When the sun rises, it makes the surface asphalt and metals hot. Concrete slabs, used in the making of pavement, are directly exposed to sunlight. The concrete absorbs all the heat of the sun and stores it while releasing it very slowly.

Due to concrete, the heat traps and the temperature of the slab become high. This hot slab can, in turn, burn the paws of the furry pet. Not only it can burn the paws, but it can also increase the heat or temperature and produce overheating.

Never leave your pet in the car

Most pets love riding in cars. You may think of leaving the pet the pet in the car a few times, but not for a longer passage of time. It can take more than or less than ten minutes to develop heat stroke in pets, especially in dogs.

Heat stroke can impact cats inside a hot or warm vehicle. If you want to go out of the car, make sure to leave the pet in the car while the AC is running. It is not the best decision to leave the pet in the vehicle.

Choose the best pet supplements for your pet

Joint and mobility issues are the most common reason why more than a third of dog-owning households give their pets supplements. There are dietary supplements designed specifically for the skin and health, urinary issues, calming your pet, and as multivitamins. You must choose the best pet supplements for your pet.

More TipsFor Keeping Pets Safe In Hot Weather

Provide pets with fresh water at all times. During the summer season, water should be refilled regularly. Most pets do not drink hot water, no matter how thirsty they are. So make sure that the water temperature is not too high.

Keep your little furry pets inside the doors during the day, as it is very hot outside the house. Quick walks and outside breaks are ok but try to keep your little pets under the cool shadow of the house.

If pets spend most time outside the house during the daytime, ensure they have access to shade all day. Most pets are vulnerable because they can get sick due to excessive exposure to the sun. Grass and greenery help to keep the yard cooler.


How can you take care of animals in extreme heat?

We can take care of animals in extreme heat by moving them to the shade, preferably with the breeze. If animals are stressed to move, pick them up and move them to the shade. Give them cool and clean water.

Which temperature is unsafe for dogs in the summer season?

Dogs are generally safe in temperatures of up to 19 degrees. Be careful when the mercury rises above this. But anything above 19 degrees, they are at risk of heat stroke.


The summer can be challenging for both our animals and ourselves, but all it takes is some planning and taking care of a few things, as discussed here. If you take care of your pet and protect them from the extreme heat and other hazards that come with summer, everything should turn out just fine. We hope our blog may help you to take care of your pets during the summer season.

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