How to Take Care of Your Dog's Basic Need _

How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Basic Need

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Dogs make this world and your home a better place, don’t they? Every pet owner wants their little pooch to have a healthy and long life. Like us, humans, dogs also have basic needs that they are required to be fulfilled. It is vital to know all their basic needs and always keep a check on them for the same. Being a pet owner, it is crucial to give your dogs an ideal environment and all other things that help them sustain a healthy life. To help all the pet owners to take care of their dog’s basic needs, I have made a checklist of all the things you should pay attention to. You can also keep this list as the reference or also pass it to someone who is a new dog parent.

Make sure to feed them proper and healthy meals

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Food is an integral part of a dog’s health. Whatever your dog eats has a direct impact on their gut and all over the body. Feed them with high-quality food only. Many brands have come up with dry, semi-dry and canned dog food. Check the nutritional values of all the food items and then feed your little one. It is essential to have a fixed routine for giving meals to your pooch, so make a proper schedule for their meal timings. You can also give them home-cooked meals but make sure that their requirements for the daily intake of nutrients are taken care of. Avoid high-fiber and high sugar food to keep them healthy.

Keep a check on their physical activity and exercise routine

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As the dogs can only burn their calories by doing some physical activity, make sure that your dog has a good playful session in your lawn every day. Motivate your pet to be physically active by rewarding them with treats. Train them to catch balls or frisbee. If he is too lazy to play with a ball or frisbee, then take your dog out on a walk. Develop a habit of taking your pet for a quick walk in the mornings or evenings. Plan a routine for a dog so that he has an active lifestyle to keep all the diseases and disorders at bay.

Boost their energy with extra supplements and vitamins


Supplements and multivitamins help in boosting the immune system of the dogs. Along with it, the extra added nutrients are beneficial in keeping the coat shiny and healthy. It also helps them to maintain good gut health along with reducing the shedding. These supplements and vitamins can also help adult dogs to regain flexibility and energy for playing around.

Grooming sessions are a must


No one likes to be or live in the space filled with dog hair. Apart from personal hygiene, grooming sessions are essential for dogs as it can help to get rid of the knots in their coat. You can use a grooming brush or a grooming kit to groom your dog at home. These sessions also aid in getting rid of the bacteria, tricks and insects that can sit on your dog’s coat. Grooming also helps in reducing the shedding and makes the coat look shiny. If you are not confident enough to groom your little one at home, then you can also take them to professionals to get it done. Make a routine for grooming sessions to keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy.

Take them to the vet every month


Dogs also need to be vaccinated to resist the virus that can cause fatal diseases or disorders. As they are exposed to the environment more, it is essential to monitor their health. Keep them to vets every month for a routine check-up and follow up with other visits if needed. You can also consult the vet to help you decide the meals for your dogs. Always make it a point to keep your dog’s health first and take them for the visit if you suspect anything wrong with them. 

Train and help them in socializing


As much we love our dogs to be at home and safe, it is beneficial for your little ones to socialize. You can train them to play with other dogs and humans. Teach them the basic handshake to develop their skills. Help your dogs mingle with all the pets and familiar people to give him a wider social circle. You can also get your dog enrolled in pet socialization classes. 

Concluding Remarks

A dog is always treated as a family member, but often we forget about their basic needs due to our work schedules. Having a handy checklist and schedule for feeding them, taking them for a walk and vet visit helps in keeping track of their good health. Apart from all the above factors, you can also make sure that they are comfortable in their bedding and crates. 

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