How to Train a Rottweiler Puppy?

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Do you have trouble training your Rottweiler? Are you considering getting a Rottweiler puppy? Does your Rottweiler reject you or refuse to follow your directions for no apparent reason? Do you worry that your Rottweiler may have aggressiveness problems? If any of these questions were “yes” for you, this blog might be for you.

Whether your pet is a puppy or an adult, you should learn how to apply positive reinforcement as well as the most crucial dog training principle: PATIENCE! You must continue to carry out your daily training commitment every day. In this blog, we will be sharing steps on how to train a rottweiler puppy. 

Step 1: Start Young

Simple commands can be taught to puppies as early as seven to eight weeks old. Making training sessions enjoyable and brief is the key to success. A rough estimate is one or two minutes for every month of age up to six months. 

You and your rottweiler dog won’t profit from attempting anything more than that because his attention span can’t tolerate it.

Step 2: Reward Your Pet

One of the most beneficial and successful methods for training the rottweiler dog breed is reward-based training. When the puppy complies with the direction, instant positive reinforcement should be offered, such as a little nibble of a delectable reward or effusive praise. 

Keep a supply of tiny, delectable treats on hand to quickly reward your dog for any progress made in learning the new command or cue, such as little cheese cubes or tiny pieces of cooked chicken.

Step 3: Start With Basic Commands 

Short commands—one or two words at most—must be utilized. Talk in a polite manner. Never yell at your dog or strike him; instead, always give him praise for any effort in the right direction. Remind your dog that his obedience is making you happy since he is doing it out of a want to please you at this time. Start by giving the orders to your dog for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. Spread out the commands you teach over the course of this time.

Try five to fifteen repetitions of one command before switching to another and performing five to fifteen repetitions of that one. Reward and commend your pet when the time is up. This can be done up to three times each day using various commands.

Step 4: Socialize Your Pet

Making sure your Rottweiler feels secure with both people and other dogs is crucial. You can accomplish this by going for walks with your puppy, visiting parks and friends’ houses, as well as by inviting your pals over to your home.

 It’s crucial to socialize your puppy if you want them to be content and at ease.

Step 5: Potty Training

Rottweiler puppies should have a separate space prepared for using the restroom starting between five and eight weeks old. Your responsibility is to make sure your puppy has regular access to the outdoors so that it can learn to relieve itself in the proper location.

Your dog should be able to spend five to six hours per night in a crate starting at the age of eight weeks.

Final Thoughts

You can always hire a private trainer, ask your breeder for guidance, enroll in a virtual class, or use another secure approach if you wish to begin expert training soon.

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