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How to Train Your Cat – A Complete Guide

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Training your cat requires effort and patience to become a good pet to your house. It is stressful when your cat does not obey your commands and does not do as you tell him to do. To make your cat become a good pet, there are definite ways on how to train your cat. 

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If you have recently bought a cat and you are struggling with training your pet, it is time to know how to train your cat. As a pet owner, you have many sessions to train your cat at a definite amount of time, such sessions include: 

  • Litter training
  • Calling gestures
  • Staying calm or still for grooming
  • Interacting with you, other people and other animals
  • Playing with toys, with you or with another cat
  • Travelling training (sitting in the car)

Do not feel overwhelmed in training your cat as your pet is new to the indoors environment and will take time to get used to the new place. To make things easier for you, all you have to do is to follow these important tips when training your cat. Such tips mention below:

  1. Keep each training ‘session’ short and natural

You may get excited to train your cat but be careful; your cat has a shorter attention span than yours does. So do not expect your cat to absorb the information all at once. Just let the lesson dictate how long your cat is willing to be in your company. To keep it short and natural will help your cat to commit the responsibility all by itself. For example, if you are training your cat to play with your toys, your pet will explore the new toys by itself. Your role as a trainer is to respect the space of your cat while remaining supervised during the training session. Once your cat gets interested in new items, you can participate. 

  • Start small

To begin the training is to do the session one by one and try to start small. Do not take a huge burden on doing all of the training sessions all by yourself. Once your cat mastered on one session, you can move on to the next exercise. To make the training session successful is to practice the training session one lesson at a time. To make things easier is to plan the training session for your cat. To prevent obesity is to let your cat to move around the house for exercising. 

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  • Don’t limit your cat in one area

Once your cat has learned a command in the bedroom, try to practice the same command in the living room or the kitchen. For example, if you are introducing your cat to other pets in the living room, this will know other animals exist in that place as well. This is not an issue if you have a fish but if your cat is meeting with a dog, then your cat needs to understand it will encounter in other areas as well. Try to train your cat in different parts of your house, not only just one room. That way your cat will know, there is another furniture or a calming pet bed.

  • Involve other people

If you live with just you and your cat, you do not have to worry about involving other people in training. If you have a larger family, it is best to introduce your cat to new faces to learn to interact and play. It is important to let each member of the family to get involved in relationship building and consistency. Your cat should learn to be social rather than territorial. One of the best ways to train your cat is to involve other people. 

  • Get a clicker or a treat

A clicker is a great tool to praise your cat’s performance and as a reward system whenever your cat learns the session correctly. Your cat will enjoy the praise you will give. When using your voice, make sure your voice has to be kind and upbeat and do remind her how proud you are. Such words to praise are “Good job!” or “Good girl!’. When praising your cat, try to stroke the fur so your cat knows this gesture means very well. Cats love treats, to give your cat some treats is to give some small cat food to signal she did the right job.  

  • Never punish your cat

If your cat commits a mistake, you must never yell, slap or hit your cat, as this will lead to behavioural and health problems. This is not something you want to deal with your cat in training sessions. To keep the training discipline is to remain positive and be patient when your cat learns a new action. Cats will not simply learn from what owners would consider discipline. 

  • Keep your voice calm

To build a healthy relationship with your pet is to keep your voice calm when training your cat. If you command in a different tone, your cat will be confused. The easiest way to train your cat is to keep your voice calm and use simple words to understand your cat easily. 

Here are the important tips on how to train your cat. Once you follow these tips above, your cat will get used to living in your environment and will be able to learn your gestures correctly. To train your cat right is to have a look at these tips above, that way your struggle of training your pet will be easier.

So read these tips above and train your cat well!


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