How To Train Your Dog For Hunting?

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Guest Post: We all know that dog is man’s best friend. And, when it comes to hunting, this four-leg partner can be your best companion. 

When you go out for hunting with your dog, you can experience some additional advantages. But, to avail such benefits, it is essential to train your dog for hunting in the first place. 

To be honest, there are loads of techniques available out there to train a dog for hunting. But the fact is that not all the techniques do work in real. 

So, here, I will talk about only those tips and techniques that actually work when it comes to training your dog for hunting. 

If you are a new hunter or an avid one with a new dog, then the following discussion is crucial for you. 

Let’s jump into our discussion…. 

Tips On How To Train Your Dog To hunt 

Selecting A Puppy 

The first step is to select a puppy that you want to train for hunting. In this case, always focus on choosing a young puppy as it is the ideal time for dogs to achieve peak efficiency. Besides, training your four-leg hunting companion as a puppy makes it habituated with your training techniques and styles. 

At the same time, your newly brought puppy can help you with your loneliness. So, be very careful while selecting your hunting partner. 


When you start training your dog, the first thing to do is to teach about obedience. Simply put, the canine should know who’s the BOSS. Remember that the first year of the training period is very crucial. 

The Basics 

The fundamental commands for training a dog to hunt are to prepare them with sitting, staying or lying down right when you give the orders. You have to make sure your puppy obeys all of your commands at your home while doing the training. If it doesn’t follow your orders at home, it is quite obvious that it won’t listen to your commands when you are out there on your hunting mission. 

Gun Training 

Gun training is the most crucial part when it comes to training your dog to hunt. Most dogs are a bit gun-shy type at the initial stage. To get rid of such a problem, you can take your dog to the gun shooting practice sessions. This really works great! 

Keep Everything Simple 

While training your dog for hunting, you have to keep everything as simple as you can. Also, you have to keep patience. Remember that you can’t just expect your dog to be fully trained for hunting overnight. 

Final Words 

Any type of hunting (with or without a dog) requires in-depth study knowledge and study to finish out a hunting mission in a successful manner. Honest Hunting always talks about various hunting types, along with the most useful hunting tips that work. You should check out those tips to get yourself updated with the latest hunting tips and tricks. 

If you really want to take your dog for hunting, it is essential to start following the above-mentioned dog training tips for hunting. And thank me later. 

For any help or queries, you can send me a message or comment below. Don’t forget to look into an ESA letter when traveling to your hunting destination with your furry friend!

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