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How to Train Your Dog to Be Calm at Vets

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You love your dog, but when you think of taking him to a vet office, that moment can become very frustrating very quickly. A visit to the vet is not only stressful for you, but it can be scary for your dog too. 

A dog owner once told me that taking his dog to the veterinarian is worse than taking a kid to the doctor or a dentist. So if your dog is your best friend, and taking him to a vet is important too, you need to be patient and train your canine friend to behave well during its visit. Don’t forget to look into an ESA letter to keep your furry friend with you.

Here is how you can train your dog to remain calm at the vet’s office:  

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1.   Start Taking Him Out in A Car

You usually take out your dog in a car when you have to go to the vet’s office. In such cases, your dog associates a trip in the car to unpleasantness, and hence the dog always acts up when you take him to the vet’s.  

To prevent this situation, start taking out your dog in the car often. You can take him out for a visit to the park, a beach, or just for a short drive around the corner. This trains your dog to associate the car with good things, not just the scary ones.

However, some dogs have car anxiety. You can play some calming music in the car. A Dog’s Ear: Driving Edition is a collection of slow music that has been proven to calm a dog in the vehicle.

2.  Opt for An Affectionate Vet 

An affectionate vet is what you need if you want your visit to go smoothly. If your pet does not like going to the vet, it could be because the vet isn’t friendly enough. Therefore, choose a vet who is friendly and willing to deal with your pet doggy. Reaching a friendly vet might not that be easy, but it is also not impossible. You can collect reviews from your friends or colleagues who have pets for recommendations. You may also search online and look for high-rated vets. 

3.  Give Treats

Giving your dog a treat is the best idea to keep him calm while at the vet office. Treats can be anything that your dog likes. You can either choose a dog biscuit, hamburger, or a chewy bone. Give your dog treats when your dog goes into the examination room, stands on the weight scale, or after a shot.  Giving a treat to your dog would reinforce that a vet’s office is a good place, and he would be rewarded for every action.

4.  Try ProQuest

You may also try ProQuiet calming tablets or any other calming tablets in extreme cases. These tablets are easily available at the drug stores. If not, you can also get them from your vet’s clinic. This works better and makes your doggy calm down without any long-lasting side effects. However, do not give it to your dog if your vet plans to draw a blood sample of the dog. Ask your vet before. In that case, you can also try calming sprays or collar that have appeasing pheromones to calm dogs down.

5.   Make Frequent Visits to The Vet’s Clinic

Veterinarian doctors worldwide suggest that it would be better to take dogs to a vet clinic every six months rather than visiting only when necessary. Doing so is not only helpful in catching a disease or illness before it worsens, but it also helps your dog become more familiar and comfortable with the environment of a vet’s clinic. Even if nothing is serious, you can take him for a weight or height check. If a person has more than one dog, they should take all of them to the vet together.

6.  Train Your Dog to Obey Given Orders

Teaching your dog commands to discipline them helps manage their behavior at the vet’s clinic. Practice with him to perform on command instead of moving him on the weighing machine or making him lying on the bed.  The most common commands “sit,” “stand /touch,” “down,” and “come over. 

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7.   Stay Calm at The Vet’s Office 

Last but not least, stay calm. Of course, you are at a vet for your dog, but it’s not only your dog that could be nervous; your attitude is also important. If you are nervous, it will increase the anxiety level of your pet too. Take a deep breath before getting inside and do not pick and tap your dog repeatedly, or it will confuse your dog and increase their anxiety. Finally, cleanliness is also essential to keep your dog calm at the vet’s office. You must choose a vet who gets cleaning services regularly and maintains a spick and span office. Clutter and unfamiliar objects can spook the dog, causing them to panic. 

Our Verdict

Dog owners say that it is not that easy to take their dog to a vet’s clinic. It is more stressful than taking a child to the doctor’s clinic. However, if you want your vet visit to go well, first be calm and take a deep breath and don’t panic. Your dog can sense your emotions; if you are nervous, they will be too. Next, take your dog to the vet’s office frequently so that a vet’s clinic is not a scary place for them. You can also appease your dog by giving them treats or teaching them to obey your commands. 

A dog is a man’s best friend, don’t let your friend down when you visit the vet! 

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