Teaching Your Dog To Take a Bow

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Many people love dogs, most pets are dogs. Many people have no idea how to train their dogs. They are many tricks that you can train your dog like giving a kiss, how to speak, spinning, shaking and many others. Keeping the brain of your dog sharp will not require a lot from you, all you need is training your dog great tricks. 

A trained dog always stays happy, obedient and also mentally active. Training your dog with the best tricks is better because it will create a strong bond between you and your dog. Through my review am positive that you will understand how to train a dog with the best easiest tricks.

What does taking a bow mean and how do you teach your dog?

This is when the dog lie down using the chest and the forearm while the elbows are touching the ground. This is a polite gesture from the dog and it helps people to appreciate his tricks. When training your dog to take a bow, you need to be patient until he does it the right way.

You also need to give your dog some treats during the training to reward him when he does it right. When training your dog, the first thing that you need to do is to let the dog stand right in front of you. You can choose to stand or kneel. Then, have some hidden treat in your hand. Move the hand under the head of the dog towards his back legs.

Your dog will try to follow the treat while stretching the front legs. The bump should be up and the front legs stretched up.

What Is The Easiest Trick To Teach Your Dog?

  1. How to kiss

This is one of the easiest tricks that you can train your dog with. This trick usually works better with the kids. Training your dog on how to kiss will help to prevent all unwanted licking. When training your dog on this trick this all the steps required, firstly put a treat on your cheek and add a command. Secondly, get the affection you want from your dog on demand.

  • How to spin

Training your dog on how to spin this will help it to tell the difference between left and right. You can use your hand signal or touch stick to teach your dog. What you have to do firstly, use your touch stick or hand to guide your dog either to go left or right or even around circular. Click and treat. Secondly, keep doing this as many times as you can and lastly train until your dog can be able to spin at your command.

  • How to beg

It looks great to see your dog sitting on its hind legs with it paw begging, this trick is more fun. This trick also is the best for your dog because it helps in strengthening its back leg. When teaching your dog firstly, your dog should sit in in front of you while your dog level is down. Secondly, use your treat and make your dog smell it then lift it up. Thirdly click and treat when the dog lifts its paw and lastly do the same several times until it’s perfect.

  • How to shake

Having a dog that knows how to shake hands is a great thing. This trick is very easy to train your dog, the training usually takes a short period of time. Dog uses it paw when shaking. First, make sure your dog sits in in front of you. Secondly, lift its paw click and treat, do the same thing several times. Thirdly you should wait for your dog to lift its paw then click and treat, make sure you see whenever your dog lifts its paw up and always click and treat. Lastly use all kinds of tricks that will encourage it to lift the paw, you can decide to tickle the hollow behind paws.

  • How to roll over

This trick has a lot of fun when teaching your dog. Ii can go along with sit and down. This trick may take time compared to other tricks but this trick is worth it. Firstly, make sure your dog lay down.  Secondly using your training stick lure the dog then click and treat. Then you can use a training stick to make your dog move over to one hip and his side, then click and treat repeat this several times. Thirdly stop using training stick when your dog is rolling more, wait for it to do more then click and treat. Lastly after discovering that it can do more start using a command.

  • How to speak

Teaching your dog how to speak is very fun and the training is very easy. You can teach your dog how to bark. Teach your dog to bark in certain situations. Firstly, allow your dog to bark, for example, your dog may bark when the doorbell rings. Secondly, repeat ringing the doorbell several times and give it a command, look whether it will respond by barking.

How to Teach My Dog to Focus

For one to be able to train a dog on the trick first the dog must be focus. Below are some of the way you can use to teach your dog to be focused

  • Use of hand to feed

Make sure that when training your dog on how to focus you choose the right setting that is a place with no kind of destruction. You may decide to train your dog indoor and turn off all the devices so that the room can be quiet for a dog to focus. You can also use the food that your dog knows and loves. Using your hands hold it and offer it to your dog, let the dog eat the food directly from your hand. Practice this for several days and check whether the dog is having eye contact with you. Try to call the name of the dog to get the attention.

  • Use of clicker

Training clickers are very easy to use and you can purchase them in any pet store. They produce a clicking sound that can help your dog to associate positively. When clicker is used along with treats, it can work very well. Also putting a treat in your bag or pocket can also help a lot. 

Avoid using human food as a treat because it is not healthy for your dog. Putting a treat behind the dog, this may also help the dog to focus and look for more food. Rewarding the dog after looking back at you. When the dog looks back at you mark it with a click and treat use any expression to praise the dog.

  • Use of toy

The best thing to do is to choose the best toy that your dog can respond to, it’s simply because of not all dogs like toys.  You can hold the toy so that the dog can see it. Simply stand Infront of your dog and hold the toy in your hand, stand still so that your dog can see it. Look whether your dog is focusing on it. Make sure your dog feels a little upset so that it can focus.  Respond positively to your dog when it looks at you and make sure you respond immediately to your dog.


Having a well-trained dog is much fun, seeing your dog speaking, kissing, shaking, begging and spinning is so great. Are you wondering how you can teach your dog how to focus? Through my review am positive that you will get all the information needed to train a dog on how to focus through the use of toy, clicker and hand feeding. Having a focused dog is great because you will be able to train it easily. So, the next time you take your single pin hunting bow sight, you can tag your dog along and you will enjoy his/her company.

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