Ways To Write An Essay About Pets

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Chuck Palahniuk said: “Humanity is determined not by the way we communicate with people, but by the way we behave with animals.”

Many people have pets. This is not a decoration for their homes, pets fill the home with clean, new energy, distract from gray everyday life and always delight their owner with love. 

In fact, it doesn’t matter what kind of pet owner you are lucky to be, you may easily write a stellar essay about just your dear friend. Here, we got some tips from a professional essay writing company SmartWritingService.com, on how to write interesting papers about your pet and not to bore your professor. 

A dog or a cat or a baby shark?

Everyone knows the saying that dogs look like their owners. But it doesn’t concern only dogs. The truth is, everyone chooses the pet in accordance with his preferences and lifestyle. So, for starters, write about yourself. What kind of person you are, about your likes and dislikes, about your traits of character, about your way to relax, about your hobby. All these details may help to understand what had influenced your decision to get that cheerful monkey or fluffy and cute rabbit or loving mongrel or arrogant and full of contempt cat or even full of dignity and not very little boa. 

Where has it come from?

They say pets choose their owners themselves. Tell where and when and how it happened so that your pet had found its way to your heart and then home. As usual, each pet has its own story. Try to remember the day it appeared in your life, what did you feel, what the circumstances were, and who else shared your joy or emotional experiences. You can make a real intrigue about it and try to make the readers feel the same you felt at that moment. Maybe you could see that black and white photo in the Net with a very capacious title “Five minutes before happiness”- there a very small boy in too big shoes was standing in front of his grandfather who was hiding a small puppy in his hand behind him. Looking at the boy’s face, even a glance is enough to conjecture a story of their great friendship and love with that dog. Describe what your minutes were before and after the first meeting with your pet.

Is it easy to name?

Someone may think that it’s not difficult to give a name to the pet. But sometimes it’s even more difficult than to do it for the child. On the one hand, there are no limitations at all, but on the other hand, every member of the family may have in stock at least two or three very cool names. Tell how you have managed to make a decision and choose. It might be very interesting. There is a chance the best name for your pet is a Homework Destroyer. 

Who is the real owner?

Pets can’t be in no way compared with farm animals. The last ones are usually bought to get profit. What profit can get from that infinitely cute dog that is always ready to spoil or tear or destroy or break everything in your home? If you have a dog, describe how pleasant it is to return home, knowing that a faithful friend is waiting for you. If you have a cat, help the reader to understand Daniel Defoe’s words, “Who has a cat, can not be afraid of loneliness.” If you are lucky to be the owner of birds, let the readers know how they make your morning happy with their songs or with a funny talk if you have a parrot. To tell the truth, it only seems that our pets depend on us, but you may also show how your life routine had changed after your pet captured its legal place in your life.

Write about your pet’s good and bad habits, about it pranks and the way it behaves with different members of the family if there are any differences, of course.

To have or not to have?

Pets teach us responsibility. Communication with pets makes us kinder, sincere, and honest. But it’s not an easy thing when the pet becomes ill or is getting older and weaker. You may write about the pet’s troubles and your worries about it. It’s difficult to lose them, but it’s also unbearable to live without their love and our love for them. Make the reader sure that pets give us so much warmth and love that can’t be hesitation between to have or not to have a pet. 

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