ESA ID Cards & PSD ID Cards

We offer both ESA (Emotional Support Animal) ID Cards and PSD (Psychiatric Service Dog) ID Cards. As the name suggests, an ID Card is essentially an “identification document”, this ID Card’s purpose is to clearly identify the dog, its details and, its owner. These cards are printed with real plastic that you’d normally see in most cards out there. They come with scannable barcodes as well for verification purposes.

ID cards
PSD ID Card (Right) ESA ID Card (Left)

Are these required?

The ESA ID Cards are sometimes required by landlords/apartments. However, they’re still considered an optional add-on at most.

However, after the DOT implemented the new airlines law, the PSD ID Card has become more necessary than ever. In addition to needing the PSD ID Card, you will also want to ensure that you also get the other items that PSDs typically need in order to fulfill the standard requirements that the airlines will be expecting.

It is worth noting that the PSD ID Card would go great with the Amazon ID Card carrying case, vest, booklet and, tag.

How do I get each of them?

ESA ID Card: This one can be ordered in the online exam. Any animal can qualify to use this ID Card. There is no breed or animal restriction for obtaining an ESA ID Card, after all, any animal can serve as an ESA (or companion animal).

PSD ID Card: This card is animal-type restricted, only dogs can be qualified to have this ID Card. You can order the PSD ID Card in the online exam. You will have to be sure to confirm that your dog is capable of following verbal commands and demonstrate a basic behavior of being “trained”.

Essentially, you will want to put the most of your reliance on the PSD/ESA Letter and completing any verification documents that they may ask of you. The ID Card is not an essential item for all cases, unlike the letters. However, some parties do ask to see this ID Card.