Ideal Plants for Cat and Dog Safety

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As a pet owner, you have a huge responsibility to keep your furry friend healthy and safe. You have to feed and bathe your companion, take them for routine veterinary checks, and even make sure your houseplants are non-toxic. 

Did you know that not all greenery can coexist with your pets? While this is true, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your green thumb. All you need to do is educate yourself on pet-friendly plants to ensure you are not bringing anything harmful into your home. 

Check out our list of the top 5 plants that are safe for cats and dogs below. 

1. Spider Plant

While the name might frighten you and your furry friends, it’s actually one of the top pet-friendly plants. Spider plants are a great option for beginner botanists due to their strong independence and lack of need for sunlight. Try hanging up your spider plant higher if you are worried about

your pets messing around with leaves. 

2. Burro’s Tail

The Burro’s Tail is a cross between a succulent and a cactus that is also safe for cats and dogs. These beauties are easy to take care of and actually prefer if you leave them alone. Burro’s Tail plants look incredibly stylish if you add them to a hanging basket indoors. 

3. Swedish Ivy

If you are looking for an indoor or outdoor plant that is non-toxic for pets, then the Swedish Ivy is a perfect choice. Find a shady place in your garden or home to store this plant. Make sure your Swedish Ivy avoids direct sunlight or else its leaves will burn. 

4. Orchid 

Add a pop of color to your home or garden with the help of Orchids. These magnificent plants need partial sunlight and thrive in warmer climates. When cared for properly, your Orchid will last for months. 

5. Prayer Plant

Another pet-safe plant that doesn’t require too much TLC is the Prayer Plant. Make sure to give your Prayer Plant occasional water and routine fertilization on a monthly basis. These beautiful plants have patterned leaves that are truly remarkable. 

Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Being a plant and pet owner is a great way to reduce stress and lower blood pressure, but you must do your research before bringing new plants home. Plants and pets can coexist, but only when they are non-toxic. It’s important to make sure you are fully aware of the type of greenery outside and the plants that come inside your home. 

Here are a few ways to reduce any health risks to your pets: 

  • Throw away any potentially poisonous plants. 
  • Keep your pets away from unknown plants outside. 
  • Do not burn toxic plants because the fumes can be harmful to your pets.
  • Keep your emergency vet’s number on hand in case of an emergency.
  • Purchase pet insurance for routine care and emergency visits.

It’s important to stay informed to keep your furry friends safe. For more information on pet-friendly plants and how they can coexist with one another, check out the infographic below.