Interior Home Designs for a Pet-Friendly Home

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Pets are a major part of our lives as pet lovers. They are a source of happiness, inspiration, and friendship. We love our pets, and we consider them a member of the family. They are all around the house: playing, eating, and more. Certainly, their beds, toys, and food bowls can interfere with a room’s design. Hence, experts have been finding clever ways to integrate their needs into the home in stylish ways.

If you clicked on this article, then you are probably a pet owner (or planning to be one). Well, you are in the right place, because this post is dedicated to all the lovely fur-parents who wish to make their homes more pleasant for their pets.

Today, I will be listing down interior design ideas that are both gorgeous and achievable. Whether you are moving to a new home or simply redecorating, these pet-friendly designs will be a purrfect present for your four-legged friends.

Hidden Litter Box

Cleaning up after your pet is probably your least favorite duty as a pet owner. We can totally relate! Thankfully, there are a bunch of DIY ideas on the internet on how to make a hidden litter box.  

Have you ever considered getting creative for a potty-time solution? If you’re handy, you can construct a litter box in the form of built-in cabinets. You can set them under a couch or the entertainment center so that they are well-hidden. 

Dogs love nosing around the litter box. So, if you have both cats and dogs at home, remember to keep the way in small to keep your dog away.

Fun Cat Shelves

Towers, shelves, and perches bring out your cat’s natural behaviors. As a devoted pet owner, you would love to see your cat being comfortable and true to their self. You can buy a trendy cat wall shelf online and install it on your own. Or, you can have it designed and fitted by experts.

Wall shelves vary in design, material, and color. There are wooden shelves, carpeted shelves, box style, staircase style, and more. Hence, you can choose a design that will fit your home décor. Wooden cat shelves will blend well with wooden furniture while carpeted shelves can bring more comfort to your cat’s soft paws.

Aside from nurturing your cat’s ability to climb, you are also promoting their health through exercise. If you have many cats, this is also a good way to give each of them their private space. Cats are naturally loners so they will enjoy getting their own piece of territory.

Stylish Pet Gate 

Pet proofing is important in any pet owner’s house. Just as pet expert Julia Szabo said in an interview, a pet-friendly home also gives comfort to people. If you don’t have a pet gate yet, you might want to consider getting one. A chic pet gate can easily blend with your home’s furnishings. 

A pet gate has various functions. For instance, they keep your puppies in a certain place when you are cooking and you do not want them underfoot. Also, they encourage older dogs to stay in a certain space when you leave the house. Further, if you have a baby, a pet gate keeps your dog out of your child’s area.

Personalized Bathing Area

While some dogs love bath time, others may fight tooth and nail to get out of the tub. Nevertheless, dogs need to take a bath regularly. It keeps them healthy, and it keeps the house tidy.

Turn your pet’s bathing space into a cozy and unique sanctuary by hanging a painting of them on a wall. A pet-tastic artwork with bold colors will exude character and energy.

You can build your custom shower in the laundry room just like the washing station by Sebring Design Build. The tiles come in neat gray color, with fun details on the back wall.

If you’re interested in personalized pet art ideas, you may check out our previous post here.

Warm Cabinet Bed

Speaking of cozy spaces, your pets would love a spot where they can hang out with you while you are in the kitchen. So, if you are preparing for a remodel, try building a bed straight into a kitchen cabinet.

Or, if your pets love sleeping near you, you might want to consider customizing your wooden bed instead. Some beds, like the Captain’s Bed, have built-in drawers for storage. If you already own one, you can turn it into a bed for your furry friend.

Pet Entryway

Us ‘hoomans’ have mudrooms where we remove our outerwear and footwear before entering the house. An entryway for pets has the same purpose.

In this area, you may add a washing station. After a trip outdoors, you can clean your pet in this space. A detachable spray hose may prove useful, so keep it in mind when setting up the entryway.

Aside from that, you can use this as your pet’s waiting area for when you go outdoors. Despite your best training efforts, some pets just love chewing stuff on the floor or clawing furniture. To prevent any accident, a waiting spot for your pet may be necessary.

Homey Pet Furniture

Pets love sitting on the furniture with you. And while you can’t completely keep them off your gorgeous couch, you can make them busy in their own little world. The trick? Give them their own furniture! Beds, scratching posts, and hammocks are some of the excellent pieces for your fur babies.

Pets are social creatures, so it is best to keep their furniture close to yours. That way, they won’t bother your piece too much. When buying or upholstering a bed, pet owners swear by the leather fabric. It is deemed as a low-maintenance and stress-free material since you can easily clean it by wiping. It is also durable, odor-resistant, and it hardly ever scratches.

Remember to pick a color close to your pet’s fur to conceal shedding. This advice applies to your other furnishings in the house – from carpets to rugs and cushions to footstools. It is best to select a color scheme that matches your pet’s hair.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is an online retailer of durable fabrics. They have a stylish and hardwearing leather collection that makes a perfect furniture cover.

Built-in Food Station 

If you love smart space-saving ideas, then you are in for a treat. Take a look at this built-in dog dish inside a drawer. The cabinet looks elegant, and you can simply close the drawer when not in use.

What can be a more pet-friendly feature than a built-in snack area? A DIY, custom-built pet station will allow your feline and canine friends to dine in style!

You can easily recreate this design at home. But, please keep in mind that smart and large dogs might figure out how to open the drawer themselves. Also, if you have little children, you might need to invest in childproofing products to ensure their safety.

The mudroom, laundry, or kitchen are all suitable areas for pet dining. Make sure to set the bowls at a comfortable height for your pets. Elevated dog dishes will minimize your pet’s clutter. It can also prevent you from accidentally kicking the bowls and making a mess.

Integrated Dog House

Another space saver!  A built-in dog house is a clever way to make a comfortable space for your pet. As much as dogs love cuddling with you, they would also love to have their own little corner in the house. As pet experts said, pets need an area to rest and recuperate from the stimulation of being around people.

A simple pet crate will be great, but if you want to give them something extra special, you can integrate a dog house in your home. You can create one in the kitchen just like how Studio AC designed the Sheridan Residence, or make use of the extra space under the staircase.

If you have limited space, you can use any free space in the house. For instance, you may opt for a snug nook on a wall.

Final thoughts

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. I am so glad to have been given a chance to share with you some pet-friendly interior design ideas.

There are so many ways you can make your home pet-friendly. Some are simple, while some are complicated; some are cheap, while others are costly. Whichever approach you pick, I know for sure that you want the best for your pets. And the best does not have to be expensive nor difficult. You have the power to determine what works best for you. And the fun part is that you get to devote your home to your pet while staying true to your style.

I wish that you found this content informative, inspiring, and helpful. Till next time! Be safe, stay creative, and make good choices!

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