Keeping your ESA Comfortable on Long Journeys

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Your Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is there for you when you need him, so let’s make sure you are keeping him comfortable on long journeys. Your ESA will likely be traveling with you, sometimes on airplanes, trains, cars, and staying in hotels, motels, or even campers. 

When you are traveling, you want to bring your ESA’s favorite toys and treats. Bring the comforts of home even if you are not home.

Don’t forget about basic needs like food, water, and toilet. Your ESA will be out of his routine and will rely on you to take care of his needs. He is supporting you emotionally, but you need to be there for him physically the best you can.

Bring Extra Blankets

Whether you use custom pet blankets or some old quilts from home, you will want to make sure you travel with some warm and soft blankets to keep both you and your ESA comfortable while traveling.

Most dogs like to sleep as close to their owners as possible, and an ESA dog is no different. Bring his favorite blankets so he can rest comfortably. He has a big job to do when he is awake and serving as your ESA, but he is also a loving companion and you want to make sure to take care of him when he is having some downtime.

Bring your ESA’s Favorite Toys and Snacks

Animals deserve all the comforts of home, just like their owners. While your ESA is on this journey to support you and is a working dog, you want to make sure you build in some time on our trip to let your dog let his hair down and play a little bit.

Chances are your ESA is like most other dogs and has some favorite items. Whether it is a stuffed to sleep or a favorite type of chew bone, make sure you bring it on your travels. If you can’t bring his bed or his crate due to space constraints, you should make plans to let him sleep in bed with you so he is comfortable while he is recharging his batteries. 

Basic Needs

It can be easier than you think to forget your dog needs to go to the bathroom. You get caught up during a hectic travel day, maybe your illness is acting up, and all of a sudden it has been hours since you let your buddy out to the bathroom.

Food, water, and bathroom – there is a lot to know about flying with an ESA, but at the bare minimum, no matter what the travel circumstance, you must make sure you take care of the physical needs of your animal so that he can work with you to take care of your emotional needs.

In some cases, you will need to research ahead of time where your dog can go to the bathroom. If you are flying and will be stuck in airports, make sure you know if and where there is a pet relief area that your dog can use when it needs to.

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