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Is Kratom a Safe Alternative For Pain Relief for pets?

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Kratom is used far and wide by people who are looking for an alternative to prescription drugs. Many natural substances provide powerful healing benefits without the adverse side effects that usually come with medications. Some of them started treating their pets with natural elements, and one is Kratom. 

Treating animals with Kratom turned out to be very useful. Studies were performed on cats, dogs, rabbits, and even lizards. The results showed that Kratom has positive effects on pain relief without severe side effects. So, if your dog is suffering from a broken bone or other pain, Kratom might help.

All mammals react to this substance and experience general improvements when suffering from pain, stress, anxiety, and seizures. Kratom is a natural opioid painkiller that can improve your dog’s quality of life without causing damage and complications. 

Kratom for Dogs

Kratom has a long history in traditional medicine. Southeast Asian people have used it for hundreds of years to treat stress, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Surprisingly, science hasn’t taken the time to research this beneficial plant as much as it should, but the experiences are always positive, according to the local people who use it. 

Veterinarians prescribe Kratom to restless, anxious, and hurting dogs. As a result, dogs could calm down and the pain that has kept them so restless stops almost immediately. But, giving your dog too much can cause seizures, so you should always consult with a vet before administering Kratom to your pets. You may also want to get the best kratom strains for your pet.

However, some tests proved that Kratom does have health benefits for dogs. Here are some of those tests:

  • Hotplate test
  • Writhing test
  • Inflammation/pressure test
  • Tail flick test

The dogs in the testing phase all showed that they respond to the alkaloids found in Kratom. They felt less pain after taking a small dose of the substance. The conclusion is that Kratom is safe for animals when used in prescribed amounts.

You can find hundreds of reviews written by dog owners, and they all agree that the substance helped their dogs feel better. Their dogs suffered from chronic pain and health issues like organ inflammation, hip dysplasia, and muscular pain. Chronic pain often leads to stress and anxiety, and Kratom might put all these symptoms under control. It could be even more powerful than a lot of prescription medicine.  


Kratom for Anxiety

Kratom can be useful in lifting the mood of humans as animals suffer from pain, insomnia, and anxiety. It might help energize your dog and support it through hard times caused by physical and psychological issues. 

It can be ideal for dogs recovering from surgeries, severe medical conditions, and painful injuries. During such times, your dog needs to rest to heal fully, or it will become restless and anxious. Kratom can help your dog feel better and focus on recovering rather than the issue itself.

Best Kind of Kratom for Dogs

There are a few different kratom types for animals. Each one affects various issues, and these are the ones that are used the most:

Maeng Da Kratom

Made from an Indonesian strain of Red Kratom, this substance provides very high levels of energy and works fantastic as pain relief medicine. Pet owners from all over the globe love how it’s able to calm their animals down and help them feel happy and refreshed.

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Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom is made from a plant originating from Malaysian forests. It’s got high alkaloid concentrations that can help manage chronic pain and improve the quality of sleep. It’s ideal for restless dogs that just can’t stop jumping around.

Indo Kratom

Indo Kratom has high levels of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. That makes it suitable for treating pain, but it also acts as a sedative. People give it to dogs who are recovering from surgery or with severe cases of hip dysplasia. 

Sunda Kratom

Sunda Kratom is a powdery substance made from the leaves of a kratom strain found only in the Sunda Islands. Many dog owners swear by it, claiming that it’s the only thing that helped their beloved fur babies feel happy once again. 

Bali Kratom 

As the name already suggests, this Kratom is found in Bali. It’s an excellent pain reliever, especially when combined with Red Kratom. It also has mild energy-boosting properties and promotes relaxation. 

Determining the Right Kratom Dosage

Figuring out the right kratom dose for your dog can take some time. You can find websites designed to help you calculate how much Kratom you need. You probably won’t be able to find the perfect dose right away, but you’ll get there after a few times. 

The dosage depends on the size and weight of your dog. Bigger dogs need higher doses and vice versa. The ideal dosage for humans is about 7 to 10 mg, so a third of that should be enough for your four-legged friend. Of course, if you have a small dose, 1 or 2 mg is enough. Give it a try and see how Kratom could help your dog more than any other medicine.


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