Learn more about the Cavoodle Breed: A Complete Guide

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If you are looking for a dog that is cute, intelligent, loving, easy to handle, and small, the Cavoodle is the breed you are looking for.

The Cavoodle, the most popular small dog breed in Australia, is a crossbreed. It is a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (CAV) and the Toy or Miniature Poodle (oodle), hence the name Cavoodle. It is also referred to as Cavapoo. This breed is popular because of the selected characteristics inherited from the parent breeds. It gets human companionship from the Cavalier breed, and intelligence and a sense of loyalty are inherited from the Poodles.

If you are curious to learn more about the Cavoodle breed, then read the article till the end. This will let you know about the appearance, grooming, and lifespan of the cavoodle breed of dog.



The appearance may resemble either of the parent breeds. Dogs come in a variety of colors, ranging from black, white, blonde, brown to golden, and all shades in between. The small Cavoodles have long, soft, and floppy ears on a small round face. Your Cavoodle’s coat can be straight or wavy, but it is hypoallergenic.

Cavoodles are ideal for families with children of all ages. Cavoodles don’t require much space, so if you live in a small space and are looking for a cute furry companion for your child, Cavoodles could be the answer. They will learn all your home rules, but only when trained with gentleness. They are not big fans of strictly disciplined training. Furthermore, they are suitable for all humans because they are hypoallergenic and shed less.

Cavoodles have an advantage as a crossbreed in that they are less prone to genetic diseases, like their parent breeds. For their healthy bodies, they need very little physical activity. A small, regular walk outside every day will do the work. 


Cavoodles are considered low-maintenance in terms of grooming. Cavoodle grooming is largely determined by the type of coat they have. If they have a Poodle-like coat, it won’t shed much and requires brushing every alternate day. But if they have a Cavalier-like coat, they require less brushing but will shed more. 

Weekly brushing is necessary to keep the coat healthy and shiny and knot-free. But it is advisable to take the Cavoodles to a groomer every six weeks. The eyes and ears also need to be cleaned now and then to keep them away from infections. 


Cavapoos are known to have an expected life span of 13 to 15 years. People consider getting their Cavapoos insured as they are less likely to get health issues. Cavoodles are around 30 to 35 centimeters tall and weigh somewhere between 5 and 12 kg.

Cavoodles were originally bred for companionship. These cute little dogs love human company and seek attention all the time. They don’t like being alone for long periods and require constant attention to love and cuddle them. If not given proper stimulation or left alone for a longer time, they might develop behavioral problems. They bark at strangers, so keeping them around to protect your children is a good idea. These pups are easy to train, full of energy, and show very little aggression.

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