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How Long will my Dog Live?

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It is a well known fact that humans have much longer lifespans than dogs. This is a basic fact of dog ownership and one that many owners struggle with when the time comes to say goodbye. While we may wish our dogs could live forever, knowing how long dogs live helps prepare us for their needs as seniors, ensuring that we give them the best possible care throughout their lives so that we get to spend as much time with them as possible.

Your dog is a beloved and cherished family friend, no doubt. He’s a companion, a playmate, loyal to a fault and a fierce protector. Friendship doesn’t get any better than that. So, of course, you want to know the answer to, “How long do dogs live?” But thinking about the inevitable when it comes to your dog is as difficult as it would be with any close friend or family member. There is an upside to this line of thought, however: You can learn how to keep your canine companion by your side as long as possible.

There are several factors that determine the longevity of dogs, including size, breed, and the general health of the animal. These factors can help answer the questions on most dog owner’s minds: How long do dogs live? And how can I help my dog live longer?

One Method to Determine Your Dog’s Lifespan

In finding out how long your dog will live there is a specific chart that is made available by Pets WebMD with the aid of the Humane Society. Therein lies the chart that can tell you how to calculate their life span by looking at a few different factors. Oddly enough, it is common for smaller dogs to tend to live longer than larger breeds. But, that’s just a general statement that influences their lifespans. You can also use these charts provided by PetMD:



The dog age chart is truly a great tool to look for in understand the longevity of your dog and how he’s going to grow through the years in relation to a human’s life. Sometimes if you are unsure of your dog’s exact age, then a trained veterinarian aid you with determining this as well by conducting a comprehensive physical examination that looks at their bones, joints, and muscles. The teeth also tend to give you a guideline of their age as well. PsychologyToday also provides a comprehensive chart regardless of the dog’s breed:

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How Long Will My Dog Live? Why Some Dogs Last Longer Than Others

Some breeds are just less susceptible to getting life threatening canine diseases than others. That’s why their life spans tend to be longer than others. Genetic diseases that threaten dogs commonly are a problem with many breeds that often shorten their lifespans. The Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association (HSVMA) has a guide that is very comprehensive in exploring congenital and inherited diseases among the “Canis lupus familiaris” or domestic dog. It goes through 182 different dog breeds and the possible conditions each one could encounter in their lifetime. It’s really amazing to look at all the different distinct dog breeds a family could truly take into their hearts!

How long do dogs live based on dietary factors

What you feed your puppy from the time you bring him home, will have an influence not just on how healthy he is during his life, but how long that life lasts.

Giving a dog a restricted diet for the duration of their life has been shown to increase their expected life span, as well as their quality of life by delaying the onset of conditions such as osteoarthritis.

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Vaccinating Your Dog

There are a lot of misconceptions and concerns surrounding vaccination for puppies. Concerned owners not wanting to subject their dogs in case their choice backfires.

However, vaccinating dogs save lives.

Thirty years ago puppies died in their droves from diseases that are now totally avoidable, thanks to vaccinations.

If you vaccinate your puppy, he will be protected from some scary conditions which could potentially cut his life off in its prime.

But… How Long Will My Dog Live?

Ultimately, you want to have a dog that can go the distance with you. The lifespan of animals, especially dogs, varies quite a bit per breed. With the right care and attention, you can have a general idea of how low your dog will live. Taking care of your dog the right way is part of the equation in finding out how long they will be with you. A happy and healthy pet is possible for a long time in your life, with the right care in place. How long will my dog live? To answer that question…hopefully as long as possible if you take very good care of it, give it lots of love and exercise!

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