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How To Blog With A Pet Dog

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Nowadays, there is nothing unusual in a pet’s blog or social media profile. What is more, it is quite real to make your dog popular too. The main key to success is to be serious about it. Here, you will find the top three tips with which you can turn your hobby into something more and even make your pet a star.

The Main Secret to Pet’s Profile and Blog Promotion

Pets captured Instagram in the same way as brands and online stores. Pets attract the audience’s attention with their cute photos and funny videos. There are a lot of famous animals and famous animal bloggers on every social platform but is there a free place for you and your pet?

Surely, the audience will be glad to meet your pet online but only if there is something specific, funny, engaging, and unusual about it. Each pet’s profile has some unique feature that makes it famous. Before you get started, think about what can be unique about your pet. 

Where to Begin?

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The first thing you have to start with is the desire to do a dog blog. You have to realize that the development of a blog requires daily work and a lot of effort. Once you decide that you want to show your pet to the whole world, you need to create a social media profile to easily integrate your pet’s blog with his social media pages.

If your pet already has a profile, then you probably already understand a lot in how everything works. Then you can begin to reboot your account with the following tips.

P.S. These tips are suitable for those who plan to create a profile from scratch and those who have already created a profile. By the way, feel free to discover some pet blog ideas to get inspired.

Tip 1. Develop a Content Strategy for a Profile

The content strategy allows you to organize the entire process regarding the filling of your profile. Content means not only text but photos and videos. Why do you need a content plan and strategy? It will help you to develop a clear vision of how you will interact with your audience and to schedule the one-time and ongoing tasks you need to perform.

The content strategy also includes your target audience analysis. Surely, you should already have some ideas of whom you are going to target and attract to follow your pet’s profile. However, sometimes it is usefull to post some publications, check the response and revise your content strategy as well to make it fit the followers’ expectations.

What is more, your pet’s profile and blog should have a clear purpose. This is just the thing that makes it unique. Someone publishes tips all about pets, someone on care, someone tests products, and someone just creates entertaining content.

If you are just starting the account, then your strategy may consist of the following items:

  1. Determining the target audience.
  2. A list of goals to be achieved.
  3. Reveal the uniqueness of your blog, how it will differ from hundreds existing on Instagram.
  4. Preparation of materials for visual content.

Concluding on this tip, keep in mind that you always should be flexible, regardless of your strategy. This is due to the fact that you will gain experience and analyze how your readers will respond to your content.

Tip 2. Write On Behalf of Your Dog

In order for your blog to be successful, you will need to develop a tone of voice. This is your unique style of communication with the followers. This tool conveys your mood and values ​​that you would like to convey to your target audience. In addition, dog writing creates a unique style and increases account recognition among others.

If you consider this element in the context of your dog’s blog, then everything is much simpler than for brands. You can use your pet’s character to choose the tone of voice. 

Maybe your dog looks very wise and funny philosophical thoughts on its behalf will look very appropriate and cool. Or maybe your dog is like a tornado and then you can start your text with some motivating phrase. Remember, the popularity of an account depends not only on the creativity of your content but also on how you write and what you convey to your readers.

Why is it necessary to choose the tone of voice? Today, publishing photos is not enough. Users like to read useful articles, engaging stories, and subscribe to those who provide them with both entertaining and informative content. The tone of voice in tandem with the content strategy can allow you to promote your dog’s account quickly, get new subscribers, and even make your tailed a real influencer.

Tip 3. Get Professional Experience

If you want your blog to begin to bear fruit in terms of money, then you will need to get experience from professionals. Working on a blog requires a lot of time and effort, even if it’s a blog about animals. Surely you noticed that on Instagram the trends and needs of the audience are changing very quickly. It can be very difficult for beginners to adapt to all changes and not to lose high-quality content.

For this reason, it is recommended to consider Instagram promotion courses or order several texts from professional writers. You have to be very careful about the choice of training courses because there are quite a lot of giglets. Nevertheless, attending a quality course is a good investment in your blog, which will certainly pay off soon.

As for professional texts, this is a very good way to tighten your texts in terms of quality. If you choose the right company, they will create content for you based on your tone of voice, but with a professional imprint. It is recommended to order several publications so that you can catch how professional texts differ from yours. Then in the future, you will not need to spend money to ask for help from professionals. For example, Pick The Writer offers the writer’s guide that will cost you a cup of coffee. Often such a strategy is much cheaper than attending training courses!

The Final Words

Now you have a prepared action plan on how to make your pet an Instagram star. To quickly develop your pet’s account, do not forget to work on the blog daily, set deadlines and goals. Treat your blog as more than just a hobby. Then you can start to get not only pleasure from a hobby but even make it your job.

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