Making Your House Accessible for Senior Pets

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Pets are the best companions we could ask for, and we all, at some point, will have a senior pet, whether you’ve had them since they were puppies or adopted them as a senior. 

Consider making your home accessible for them so they stay happy and healthy. Here are some tips to help your senior pet be comfortable in their home.

Safety first

If you have a garden or your pet has easy access to the backyard or the outside of the house, make sure you have a fence. Senior pets can get overwhelmed with exterior sounds and get more anxious. Keep your pet safe by not allowing them to go on the street alone, as they can get lost.

Have a comfortable bed

Senior pets take longer naps; consider having a comfortable bed that will fit their needs. There are several options, like memory foam or ergonomic beds, that are great for seniors. Have a couple of beds around the house, so they feel comfortable in every room and have a space to rest and nap.

Consider temperature

If your pet is a bit older, they tend to get cold faster. Keep an eye on your pet to make sure they are at the right temperature and feeling comfortable. Have blankets and cozy spaces for them around the house in case your pet needs to keep warm. If you are taking them outside for a walk, you can opt for a sweater if the weather requires it.

Add pet ramps

Some pets have joint pain as they age. If your pet has a hard time with uneven surfaces or if you have stairs or steps around the house, have in mind pet ramps. This will give your pet easy access to all the areas of the house and your furniture if that’s what you are looking for.

Potty accidents could happen

Senior pets could suffer from incontinence ending up in potty accidents. Have a designated space for them to go inside the house, and don’t get mad if they have an accident. If this happens often, check with your vet to ensure this is not a medical condition.

Keep away the obstacles

Sharp corners or rugs might not be an obstacle for you, but for senior pets, they are. Some seniors lose their sight or struggle with it. Your pet will be safe if you remove what they might trip on or can get hit with. Avoid rearranging or moving your furniture around. They already know your home’s layout, and changing it could confuse them.

Avoid slippery floors

Some surfaces can be slippery for our pets, and seniors will likely trip off and slip on these surfaces. If it’s hard to modify the floors, you can limit your pet’s access to these areas.

Keep water and food accessible

Giving your pet easy access to water and food bowls will keep them hydrated and healthy. Have them in an area that they are very familiar with and clutter-free. If necessary, keep their bowls high so they can easily see them.

Stick to a routine

All pets should have a routine. While young pets can change habits, seniors like it better if they stick to the same routine, as they can get more anxious and confused. Keeping the same food and walk schedule can help avoid potty accidents.

Visit the vet regularly

Take your pet to the vet for regular checkups. Watch your pet for any mood or conduct changes and consult it with your vet. Seniors don’t have the same activity level as when they were young, so they tend to be overweight. Ask them for the ideal senior pet diet and other health considerations.

Keep them entertained

Senior pets must keep mentally and physically active to be healthy and happy. There are a lot of low-impact physical activities, like short walks. You can keep your pet mentally stimulated with short training sessions or by hiding treats all over the house for them to find.

Be patient

Pets lose hearing and sight as they grow older. Approach them when you talk, so they know you are talking to them. You can teach your dog sign language, making it easier for you to communicate. Yes, your senior pet can still learn new things!

Give them extra love

All pets love affection. Seniors might need extra petting and grooming. Show your senior pet how much you love them by giving them grooming sessions. This will be an excellent way to keep bonding with them by brushing their coat. It is also a good way to check your pet’s skin, lumps, or any signs of pain they might have.

Pets make our lives happier. You can make their lives better by ensuring they are happy, healthy, and safe around the home. Give your senior pet the care and attention they need so they keep filling you with happiness and joy.

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