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What Is The Best Towel For Your Dog?

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Caring for pets is not easy when you do not have the necessary accessories at hand. Each dog simply must have personal items that the owner will actively use to care for the animal. A dog towel will help put the dog in order after the bath.

In case of choosing between microfiber towels and cotton towels we always prefer microfiber towels over cotton towels because of its absorbent power and various other important reasons. We explained everything below.

Advantage of microfiber towels for dogs

To improve the comfort of grooming your pets, there are several models of bath towels. The best model is to use absorbent towels for dogs, in particular favoring a microfiber towel in cotton cloth. The absorbent towel for dogs can also be available in microfiber or super-absorbent towel. Below we discussed about the advantage of microfiber towels for dogs.

Microfiber towel is more absorbent than cotton towels

Cotton type of towel has a fairly limited absorption power. Its only advantage is its softness. To dry the animal’s hair, it will take a lot of friction. For better comfort, it is preferable to use the microfiber towel. 

This type of absorbent towel for dogs has a relaxing effect for animals in addition to being very soft. This machine washable product dries quickly. As for its absorption power, the microfiber towel for dogs absorbs 5 times more than a cotton model.

The microfiber towel for dogs also has the advantage of greatly reducing the drying time. Buying a super-absorbent towel for dogs allows you to have a soft cloth offering animals a relaxing effect. The specificity of this product is that it absorbs an absorbent microfiber dog towel even more. Another advantage, after having wrung the absorbent towel by hand, it can be immediately reused.

The towel is used both after bathing four-legged friends, and for transportation in a car. If you wrap the animal in a microfiber towel after a walk in rainy times, then the interior of the car will remain clean. And the animal itself dries faster and does not catch a cold.

The microfiber towel are non-irritating 

An absorbent towel for dogs is an excellent product for Dalmatians, Newfoundlanders, Bernese mountain dogs, border collies and even Belgian long-haired Tervueren shepherds. This pet towel is both practical and non-irritable. 

Also, there are no harmful components in microfiber that can cause allergies.

Easy to dry your animal

With the microfiber towel, it is now possible to dry your dog or cat in the blink of an eye. The ultra absorbent product miraculously removes moisture from the hair of its legged companions.

The easy-to-wash product effectively absorbs water. The usefulness of the absorbent towel for dogs is effective in rain, grooming or swimming. It only takes a few rubs using the towel on your pet to make it almost dry.

Why we choose microfiber over Cotton?

Cotton is a fabric derived from the natural fiber of the homonymous plant it is free of any synthetic fiber.

During the wash the garments in cotton fabric wrinkle and it is therefore necessary to iron them to make them usable. Also, the towels with cotton get hard after dry which is not comfortable for the dog.

As not being a natural fabric, microfiber allows less air to pass and therefore gives a feeling of greater warmth. For example, by comparing two blankets made with the same padding, but with different upholstery fabrics, it is possible to easily perceive that the garment covered in microfiber will give greater warmth than that covered in cotton, obviously with the same padding.

Sometimes dog towels are made of cotton, but this material absorbs moisture much worse than microfiber, so you should not give it preference. The material of microfiber towel is environmentally friendly and does not harm the skin of the dog. You can also use to wipe the paws; the claws will remain in excellent condition.


So above are the reasons why we prefer using a microfiber towels and not cotton. Microfiber towels are more absorbing, comfortable and easy to use for your dog. Moreover it doesn’t irritate your dog.

The only drawback is that microfiber is usually made from polyester or nylon and, since these fibers are synthesized from petroleum, oil-based stains can be difficult to remove.

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