Mistakes to Avoid Before Buying a Dog Bed

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Dogs are truly a wonderful addition to your family. However, they are also among your expensive venture ever. As a dog owner, you desire an ideally welcoming set up to ensure its comfort and sleep. While shopping for various pet accessories, the dog bed is also one of the things that you should buy mindfully. Neglecting the mistakes that most dog owners do while buying a dog bed may lead you to buy a bed that doesn’t serve its purpose.

Having that said, here is a checklist of mistakes that you should avoid while buying a dog bed. Ensuring your pet has a home is also key when owning a pet.

Six Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Buying a Dog Bed

Mistake 01: Wrong Size Bed

Once you decide to buy a bed for your dog, the first step you should do is to measure your dog from head to tail. Meaning, the bed should not be too small or large for your puppy. It must be sufficient so that the dog can lie on it in natural positions. Can you imagine lying on a bed while hanging your feet off the bed? Of course not! Sure, it’s fine if the dog is lying on a bed in a round position, but what if they want to stretch out. So, by measuring your dog’s length, you will get a general idea of what dimensions your pet needs to get a comfortable sleep.

Mistake 02: Buying a Low-Quality Dog Bed

Most probably, you want to give your dog the best possible experience and the most comfortable sleeping environment. To do so, avoid buying a poor quality dog bed. The best way to ensure a long-lasting bed is to buy it from a reputable pet store. Buying a high-quality pet bed can cost you considerably. However, don’t get scared of the rising price. You can reduce your costs of buying a dog bed with voucher codes or during an upcoming sale. 

Mistake 03: Buying a Bed that is Not Easy to Clean  

You would not be surprised by knowing that dogs smell if they aren’t bathed. Since most pets spend a noticeable time on their bed, they are sure to transfer their smell on their bed. Having that said, you should buy a bed that can be cleaned and washed easily.

Mistake 04: Buying a Dog Bed with the Wrong Shape

Before you go to order your dog’s bed in rush, take a day or two in analyzing the positions your dog prefers to sleep. Some like to sleep in a balled-up position, whereas some like to lie in a stretchable position and so on. Additionally, stores offer a variety of bed styles that include stuffed style, flat style, donut style, and more. If your dog is older and suffering from joint pains, consider buying an orthopedic dog bed to ensure extra support and comfort.

Mistake 05: Choosing the Wrong Texture

It’s also one of the most prominent mistakes people do while buying a dog bed. Just like humans, pets also have their sleeping preferences. Some pets like to sleep on a silk fabric, while some like a nappy texture. So, before buying a dog bed, observe the spots your dog likes to sit or lie on, and then choose a fabric for their bed. What’s more, don’t be afraid to move your dog’s bed from one room to another to check the place where it likes the most to sleep. It would be a good idea to put your dog’s bed in your room.

Mistake 06: Buying a Bed that is not suitable for Your Dog

While buying a dog bed, consider the nature of your dog whether they are a cold or warm nature breed. Don’t fall for a brand that is not suitable for your puppy. Spending your money on buying something that doesn’t suit your dog is not a wise thing. Always choose a bed that ensures sound sleep and proper comfort for them.

Buying a Dog Bed – Final Thoughts

The above-highlighted mistakes are done by most of the dog owners. Neglecting them while buying a dog bed can cause some serious issues for your dog like joints pain for not getting enough space to lie and more. Now that you have known all the major blunders, you can unintentionally create for your pets, it’s high time to ensure your pup is getting a night of good sleep.

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