New Dog Owner? Here Are Some Vital Things To Think About

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Guest post: The panorama of including new family member is always delightful and beneficial, and when that new member is a pet, it even increases more. The feeling and company of a constant, loyal companion who will love you unconditionally is a source of extensive jubilation.  

Around 470 million people in the world have a dog as a pet. However, many elements are required to be focused before getting a dog as a pet. 

Let me elaborate you all of these aspects before bringing your friend home. 

1.  What to Expect?

Regardless of the age of your new dog, it will take time to get adjusted. The average time taken by a new dog to adjust can be; 3 days-3 months. So be prepared in advance. 

They may hide or threw a tantrum. Some dogs are friendly and get adjusted just after landing at the house. 

Adult dogs require more adjustment time, especially if you adopt them from a shelter. Whereas the puppies require more training, all you have to do is be patient and gentle.  

2.  Learn all about the breed

There are almost 339 breeds of dog, and you may get in love with every dog breed. Perhaps you love the Dalmatian from the movie or tiny Poodle owned by the girl next door. But you have to hold your emotions and have to select the breed carefully. 

Many breeds of dog are large hunting breed that requires more physical training and strict rules to follow. Other are difficult to handle due to their over energizing nature. It all depends upon your family and house space. 

If you are not having kids and own a backyard, then any breed will work. 

But if you have kids, you should adopt domestic breed; Labrador retriever, Greyhound, Golden retriever, and Old English sheepdog. 

Consider the following chart of dog breed compared to your monthly income and then select the breed wisely.     

3.  Shop for them prior

Are you all set for bringing your dog home? Please wait for a second, shop the following essential items prior to bringing them. 

The average cost of shopping will be $1500/yearly, plan it accordingly. The list of new dog shopping can be long. 

Cleaning Supplies: it is necessary to maintain the hygiene level of your dog. You should have their hairbrush and nail clippers. The Poop Scoop is the essential one and Shampoo for shower and Toothbrush for regular hygiene. 

Eating Supplies: you have to choose the dog food wisely, read the ingredients and select the one with the best ingredients. You can also feed them on fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget to bring a bowl to eat. 

Other Essential Elements: bring pet gates to train your dog. A comfortable bed and collar are also must-haves.  

4.  Find a veterinarian

As a parent, your first duty is to find a vet for your dog. 

It is the first place where you have to take your dog. So, find a vet with animal-loving staff and are at a nearby location. An average vet fee is in between $200-$400. 

The veterinarian is responsible for elaborating the overall health and fitness level of your dog. Along with these, they will guide you regarding the dog’s exercise and outdoor routine, so choose them astutely. 

5.  Develop your trust

After bringing your new dog, you must focus on creating a trusted bond with your pet. 

The bonding can be strengthened by playing together, feeding time, managing schedule, walking and bathroom breaks. Train them and create a strong communication network with your dog. 

Establishing routines and keeping your promise of giving treats can also be beneficial. Dogs are emotionally intelligent and can sense emotions. Therefore, be careful while training them.

6.  Be ready for a behavior problem

Similar to humans, no dog is perfect. As a dog owner, you must prepare yourself for extreme mood swings and behavioral issues. 

This issue can be; excessive barking or chewing to anxiety or destructive behavior. You may even witness multiple physical problems associated with behavioral problems. 

It is a good idea to be well informed regarding the behavioral problems as per your dog breed. You can use a toy or treat to calm down the impulsive behavior.   

7.  Health problems are the part

Even if your dog is entirely healthy, there are few health problems encountered by every dog. 

If you are emotionally attached to your dog and have strong communication, you may get lucky and treat it soon.   

8.  Make other dog friends

Make your dog friendly with other dogs. It is not that much simple. 

Watch the behavior of the dogs interacting with your pet. 

If their tail is high, it means they are scared. And, if their tale is low and wiggly, it means they are friendly. 

You can use a leash to control your dog while meeting other dogs. 

9.  How to be a responsible parent?

Dissertation Writers say, “Being a responsible dog owner reflects your love and affection towards them. You have to commit their responsibility for the whole life. You have to care and comfort your dog properly.”

Along with feeding, their exercise and training must also be aligned. If you are willing to perform all your responsibilities, you are ready to adopt a dog. 

Remember that you are adopting a dog not purchasing it. So, fulfill all your duties as a parent does. Don’t get harsh and break promises; it may hurt the emotions of your dog.   

Wrapping it up

Dogs are the most lovable and loyal creature on earth. They are adopted in almost all countries around the world and are more comfortable with humans. 

Though they are emotionally intelligent and can sense basic emotions, therefore, they require the following special protocol before adopting them. 

Do tell me, were these tips helpful for you or not?

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