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Upcoming Future Partnerships

Emotional Pet Support has done very well after all of this time on its own. This year, our resolution is to start forming partnerships with other relevant businesses and start helping even more people. We feel that we are ready for this change because there are many more people out there who still need our help traveling with their Emotional Support Animal on board a plane or even trying to live with their ESA in a “no-pet” policy house. Sometime later this year, we will be establishing partnerships and we will put our partners in a conspicuous place for all of our patients to see who are our partners. Not only that, but we also hope to work together with our partners and offer services for each other in ways that we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves. Stay tuned for the future, because you haven’t seen anything – yet.

partnerships emotional support animal

Potential Perks About Partnerships

Emotional Pet Support will be able to help patients in many more ways with carefully considered partners working together in symphony. One thing we will be certain of is making sure we partner up with the best so that we can continue to provide our unique service. Some things we can do with these partners may include sharing their services and/or products with our patients so that more needs are met and more people are happy.


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